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for Lost in Middle Earth

9/30/2005 c1 5Anne Davies
OMG, this is the best crossover I've read in a long time. *adds to fav. stories list*

~Annie Mara~
9/17/2005 c2 3Sarah Lila F
Good idea. I wonder where the others are.
9/9/2005 c13 Xoni Newcomer
I'm extremely enjoying this story. You give every character their fair screen time. I really liking the parallel between Harry and Aragorn, and I love how human you make them sound.

At this chapter I just have to wonder, are the Uruk so stupid that they didn't think about just gagging ot knocking out the prisoners?
9/6/2005 c39 catwraith
sorry, too lazy to log in. The story's finally over, and by now the sequel is up. With all this homework, I hope I have time to read it. Hope it's good. I expect it to be.
9/6/2005 c39 5Brandy Lebeau
Aww you made me blush*blushes then starts smiling* I'm glad I'm not one of those annoying reviews*smirks* Any who I loved this story it's one of the better HP/LOTR ones I've read. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more of your stuff.
9/6/2005 c39 8BrownieMelody
Aw thanks! are great. Sappy moments are almost inevidable and I feel are part of fanfiction. *wink*

CAN'T WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL! I loved HBP-finished it in a few hours, and I think there is SO much information that could be used there with a crossover. Can't wait for more from you-keep up the great work with the new sequel!

Your devoted fan,

9/6/2005 c38 BrownieMelody
AMAZING! I LOVE IT! This was great! I love the idea that Aragorn's sword was magical enough to deflect an Unforgivable Curse.

Very creative, great job!
9/6/2005 c37 BrownieMelody
SO VERY GOOD! *squeal* I LOVE IT! The fellowship has GOT to visit HP's world!

Legolas and Gimli playing Quiddich-the mere thought is hilarious enough! Great chapter!
9/6/2005 c36 BrownieMelody
Wow, don't worry about updating on time- you had been updating everyday-you're only human. Then of course, I slack off reading and now I'M behind! Can't wait to finish-off to read more. This was great!

9/6/2005 c1 Fanfictionguy
A superb ending to a superb story.
9/6/2005 c39 2Frosty Friend
I know to you I am probably just another reviewer, but to me you are a great writer who has truly inspired me with your work. I have always been a tough critic but I must say I loved this story from the first word to the last full stop I was gripped.

After reading this I don't know how I can possibly thank you, how I can possibly show you all my gratitude. The only thing in this whole story that I did not like was that you didn't include the old forest but I suppose that wasn't in the movie so I can't complain.

Anyways I truly loved your story I will be forever in your debt and if you have time can you please stop by my story. Thank you very much.

Your greatest fan, Amy.
9/5/2005 c39 1tubbles14
I love you too! I am so glad that you have written and shared this story! I'm sad that this one is over but I look forward to the sequel!


9/5/2005 c39 mika
that was interesting. to quote Captin Jack Sparrow. yes a very very interesting chapter. I understand this chapter was titled moving on to wrap loose ends but there was something missing. plenty of agnst and loathing. i liked the confrontation btwn harry and dumbledore. it just seemed like you left something out. I can't put my finger on it.. Like there's something we're all meant to be missing but will be stunningly obvivous later.

is the next story a sequel prehaps?
9/5/2005 c39 2MischievousPuck
That was a great story. I really hated it to end. I love the way you kept everything in context with both worlds and made them one. I look forward to the sequel. Please keep up the writing you are doing great.
9/5/2005 c39 3Kaladelia Undomiel

*claps while sobbing* Time passes *wipes a way tears*

Lovely just lovley LATMC! I LOVE SO MUCH!

YAY for sequel coming up! Please put ginny was allowed to join Hp and crew in search for horcruxes?*makes puppy eyes* I got the whole scene planned out it'll be in update of if this wold had magic. anywho... YOU ROCK LUV!

Put up sequel soon please and I'll love ya even more!

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