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9/5/2005 c39 3Jenivy

Get the sequel up soon, please!
9/5/2005 c39 lovemehatemejustdon'tfearme
Aw, ::sniffle sniffle:: It's all done! I can't believe it! Well, it was a good run wasn' it? xD Your writing improved so much throughout the story and your characterizatioins got better and better. You really should be very proud of yourself and give yourself a pat on the back. This was a brilliant piece of writing. I'll be right here reviewing every chapter of the sequel! ::pulls out LATMC flag and matching hat:: GO, GO, GO LATMC!

9/5/2005 c39 1EvelynTheWise
Awesome ending. I for one don't think its too sappy. JKR puts some sappy stuff in her work, and nobody complains about it. Its a good thing you're doing a sequel, cause I would like, DIE if you didn't. Great stuff.
9/5/2005 c39 6lazy-bones-the-dragon
Whee! What a story! Poor Harry...just glad he made some GREAT friends! Can't wait for the next one!
9/5/2005 c39 Sethiel Undomiel
i like your story...when will you post the part two?

Kudos to a great work...cheers.


9/5/2005 c39 darknesscomes
The whole story was good. I'm looking forward to your next story.
9/5/2005 c39 31Goddess Bless
I really liked this story, it was interesting. Are you going to have Aragon/Legolas/Gimli teach him to fight? That would be an advantage the dark lord knows not. I would write more, but I smell breakfast! Byes! Keep what I told you in the emails in mind!
9/5/2005 c39 littleseren
And so it ends. A great story in many ways. :(

But we have the next installment to look forward to and I'm really looking forward to it (along with what I'm sure is a large chunk of

9/5/2005 c39 5Nox Noctis Angelus
GREAT story, please hurry with da sequal! I love aragorn! If you need another character, you can always use me! That would be qicked awsome (aka WOSOM) A blue-eyed blond named Emily that, although funny, is shy around people she doesn't know. K stupid idea, but hey...
9/5/2005 c39 11Miss.Sly
i do believe that was the best chapter out of this entire story. i cant wait to read the sequil! the sequil!

9/4/2005 c38 1tubbles14
YAY! Another chapter! *happy dance*


9/4/2005 c3 8Dadaiiro
wow, I'v seen Hp and LOTR xovers but Harry had never been vulnerable to the ring. I wonder if he'll manage to stay away from it. How good is he, anyway, as a wizard?
9/4/2005 c38 Fanfictionguy
Still first-rate! I hope there's a Dobby/Legolas scene soon!
9/4/2005 c38 lovemehatemejustdon'tfearme
SQUE! HAPPYHAPPYJOYJOY! Well, this made my night. Damn, Hermione is utterly brilliant. I loved Aragorn and the lift, and Lupin and Gimli, and a score of other things. Well done. This was a VERY good chapter. I'm all giddy now, xD. Spiffing work, as always.

9/4/2005 c38 3Jenivy
Oi. O_O

Is there any more? You should do the sixth book with the LoTR characters involved, like you did the LoTR trilogy!

And maybe have some of the characters- like Gandalf, Legolas, Gimli- who aren't needed almost all the time in Middle Earth come to Hogwarts to stay for a while?

And then they help with the sixth year problems, and stuff?
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