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9/4/2005 c38 11Miss.Sly
wicked. update for the last chapter soon!

9/4/2005 c37 Miss.Sly
wicked chapter! i have a question and please e-mail me with the answer.

Is there qoing to be a sequil?
9/4/2005 c38 Angeles
I don't see why everyone's wanting Hr/Legolas. They hardly know each other at all, at this point in the story, and he's usually busy with stuff in the other world anyways. It just wouldn't work. Plus, he's over 10 years old, and she's what- 15? Even though he doesn't age, it simply wouldn't work. He's lived thousands of years in Middle Earth, and it would be quite the dilemma to try to get used to the wizarding world! Well, I guess he COULD give up his immortality... But anyways, Hermione has had more moments with Ron, and we've already gone so long into the story with that. You all should stop complaining, and enjoy the story. I think the story is nice, just the way it is, don't you? The author has done a nice job with the story, and trying to fit two books into an appropriate length of chapters for us to read.

Anyways, I loved this chapter, and I must comment delightfully on how little time it took you to update!



PS: Besides! If you really want a story with Legolas and Hermione having a relationship, you can always write your own, right? Or find another story that could fit that relationship better into the plot.
9/4/2005 c38 1kassiopeia
oh, that was brilliant... so there is one more chapter to go... but...

I am dying for a sequel!

Please write one!
9/4/2005 c38 31Goddess Bless
You know what would make this story even better? A little Hermione Legolas romance!
9/4/2005 c38 3Kaladelia Undomiel
YAY FOR UPDATES! poor Anduril!I now have 5 chappies up. I just did it last night. anywho... lovely chapter as usual. Poor Merry. at least on got got hurt. YAY for hurting characters!HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE! Are the Fellowship gonna explain about the Scouring of the Shire?Please do I love the Scouring. GO Harry! ROn is hilarious when attacked by the brain. I love him when he's like that. YAY DUMBLEDORE & GANDALF MEET! Yay for cunfuzzled Death Eaters! Yay for everhting! except Sirius. Poor Harry. YAY for not shouting No you don't. As you can see I love this story as much as I love you!(in a non Lesbian way) thehehehehehehehehehe!



P.S. I look forward to the last chapter with regret and anticipation, though not too much regret cuz there'll be a sequel.

9/3/2005 c37 1tubbles14
That was brilliant! I only have one thing to BEG for... Please, please, PLEASE(!) don't make this series with a Ron and Hermione relationship. I am BEGGING you! I fact I think that Hermione would get along wonderfully with Legolas! Don't cha think? I am seriously begging you for no Ron/Hermione romance though. PLEASE!



P.S. I wasn't able to review chapter 36 before you posted this one, so I just wanted to let you know that it was excellent as well! Cheers!...NO R/Hr!
9/3/2005 c37 Makubex
I think you should make another crossover after leaving MiddleEarth, They expect their destination is Room of requirement but end up in another world.

Hermione needs to figure out what went wrong (people do sometimes make mistakes and do not realize what went wrong)

You can cross with any other favourite movie and this world traveling continues
9/3/2005 c37 lovemehatemejustdon'tfearme
SQUEE! This was such a good bit. I loved the end and how the Fearsome Foursome were all dramatic. Nicely done. I don't really see how you could extend this to TWO more chapters but I trust you. xD Plus I remember you talking about a sequel...

9/3/2005 c36 lovemehatemejustdon'tfearme
Aw. This chapter was so sad! I mean, I knew what would happen so I wasn't worried but still... ::pout:: Harry's sudden loyalty to Sam was rather surprising. I mean, it wasn't like they were te best of friends. Still, well done. I'm off to read the next installment.

9/3/2005 c36 To Goddess Bless
NO. NO, NO, NO. That would be wrong, and it's been made clear that Hermione likes Ron.

Ron + Hermione =
9/3/2005 c37 Angeles
I wonder what everyone would think. And what would everyone say, after so much time has passed...

I really hope you don't plan on saying "no time had passed since they left". That would be so... so... Eurgh. All the other authors who write HP/LOTR crossovers do that. Or, you know, like, a big time difference thing.

I liked the chapter. I hope you update soon!
9/3/2005 c37 littleseren
wow! Cant wait to see what happens now! Loving this story to pieces.

Its great how you've kept going this far and how all the characters are IC. AND you have included all of the important characters, leaving none out. Thats what makes this story so great. This is probably the best Hp/Lotr crossover I've read. (And I do read alot of them :P )

9/3/2005 c37 31Goddess Bless
9/3/2005 c37 3Kaladelia Undomiel
YAY! 2 more chappies? you rock. Will it be in Middle-earth or Hogwarts hm... I LOVE YOU!

YAY for forests and caves and quiditch. i know i'm 2 chappies early but Will the sequel be in 5/6/7 book? (+ the added inconvinence about responding to reviewers gr... I guess i'll hafta find out lata)

Please say it'll be ALL of the Fellowship. not just those remaining. U r AWSEOME! Update!

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