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8/24/2005 c29 3Kaladelia Undomiel
GO GINNY! yay for girl/hobbit Bonding! happyhappy! that song'll be amusing. I wonder... oh well.

8/24/2005 c28 Kaladelia Undomiel
Poor Feasome Foursome they are no longer 4 but 3 and 1 oh well they'll see each other soon. Poor Hemione. Yay for Ginny's alert!

8/24/2005 c27 Kaladelia Undomiel
True true. Yay Hermione IS beliving Sam! I've been in new mexico and have been out of touch with the internet for a while OH NO! GOD I HATE SNAPE. anyway... Kewl way of incorporating Arwen going back though pitty hermione didn' see Arwen's vision as well. Poor Harry and his scar, nice touch. I also liked the bit with Ginny. I think Ginny'll get hurt and need rescue by Faramir. But that's what I'd do... Anyway I'm gonna read yur next chappie.

8/24/2005 c30 11Miss.Sly
so around 37 chapters? alrite. i loved the ending of this chapter, it was most likly the best so far. update soon!

8/23/2005 c30 5Brandy Lebeau
well that's one song I never thought of *laughs* So your entering the final chapters huh? Well I hope you have atleast ten. *laughs* ANY WHO PLEASE POST SOON!
8/23/2005 c30 8BrownieMelody
Wow that sucks! Sharing the internet with your BROTHER? I have to share a bathroom with my younger brother...*shudders* ain't pretty!

Woot for football! My brother plays too and he gets home late and tired from practice! Meaning he doesn't get to bother me (as much).

Ah! Every time I watch the movie I get SO SAD for Faramir! Ughh...I HATE Denathor...but I do love Ginny in this fic! Looking foward to another amazing chapter! Great job!

8/23/2005 c30 Angeles
My god! *snickers* My, you're just the sweetest little Marauder, eh? *laughing hard* AHAHA.. Ooh, stomach.. Hehe.. Ooh.. Ouch.

Can't wait for the next chapter! *twitches in chair, and falls out eventually* UPDATE SOON! I can't wait to see what happens next!

No, I'm not on drugs. Though, I think I bought one too many sweets. Mm.. Cadbury, Kit Kat, Oh Henry, Mr.Big, Mars bar, and a whole basket of others...
8/23/2005 c30 2MischievousPuck
Poor Ron! Even when he wins he loses. I really like how Legolas and Harry pranked the twins. That was so good. Yay! Ginny, you go girl. She did good on telling Denethor off but too bad she accidently used Boromir to do it. You cruel, cruel person. You just had to use the Barney song. That is just plain inhumane. Looking forward to next chapter.
8/23/2005 c30 xXPrettyDisturbedXx
YES lol but i felt so bad for SAm tho i was like NNO! and yes you are updating faster than before lol anyways keep up the good work!
8/23/2005 c30 6lazy-bones-the-dragon
XD Oh lord, I can't wait to see how Theoden and the others react to hearing that song...XD Keep up the good work and laughs!
8/23/2005 c29 20genvessel
there's this old song from "Flower Drum Song" called "I enjoy being a girl" or.. I feel pretty from West Side Story... lol...
8/23/2005 c29 Angeles
Aww.. The chapter's over already! I want to know what's next! NOW! Update update update, please!
8/22/2005 c29 5catwraith
Yay! More chapters! I'm sorry I haven't reviewed in a while, but I was away at a French immersion summer camp. Go Ginny!
8/21/2005 c24 5Nox Noctis Angelus
another good song is the beans song.

Beans, beans, good for your heart, the more you eat the more you fart. the more you fart, the better you feel, beans beans for every meal!

Beans, beans, the musical friut, the more you eat the more you toot. The more you toot the better you feel, beans, beans, for every meal!

I just thought of that song while I was laying in bed trying to sleep before school!
8/19/2005 c29 freeMAGIC
The Champion of Exploding snap loses to a girl! I really like how you split the group. Still, I would like it better if Draco was in the story, but it's just fine now. Is Ginny going to lose at anything, though? I'm not a big fan of characters who are good at everything.
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