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6/14/2005 c21 20genvessel
eh, don't worry about missing it, it happens...

yeah, the Tolkien class was possibly the best class i've ever taken. now that i've graduated, i treasure the notes that i scribbled in the margins of my books.

this was a solid chapter - i like your Ron a lot - you've fleshed him out nicely. glad that you'll be updating more quickly!
6/14/2005 c22 1EvelynTheWise
Another good chapter! Can you give me the name of the Council of Elrond site? I want to put a bit of elvish in my fiction.
6/14/2005 c22 13UK All The Way
STUPID MOVIE KILLING HALDIR! WAH :'-( HE DOESN'T DIE! AH! Fred kicks ass dude, I loved it when George said he was starting to act like Harry. Update soon!

6/14/2005 c22 3Kaladelia Undomiel
YAY FOR HALDIR! Warning most of length is due mr going crazy with quotes from your book.

HEHEHE! At first I thought the outburst was Merry seeing how that is done in Movie, then I saw the "beep out" of the curse word and I went back and saw it was Fred. He was on a roll. “FRODO’S OUT THERE TRYING TO DESTORY A RING, AND THE REST OF MY FRIENDS ARE PROBABLY FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIVES AGAINST SARUMAN, WHO’S SENDING OUT MORE MASSIVE ARMIES BY THE MINUTE, AND WHAT ARE WE DOING? SITTING IN THE MIDDLE OF A STUPID FOREST WHILE THE REST OF OUR FRIENDS ARE IN DANGER, WAITING FOR YOU TO DECIDE WHAT TO DO, AND ALL YOU CAN SAY IS DON’T BE HASTY!” “Whoa,” said George, “Take some deep breaths Fred. You’re starting to sound like Harry.” Awesome Exchange luv. “Because they’re made of metal, not wood.”

Ron’s shoulders slumped. “You’re right. We’re in trouble,” he groaned. I hade a feeling someone would say that. Yay Ron joins the count! “Four!” “Six!” Seven!”

“Twenty-four!” “Oh shut up Legolas,” cried Ron. “I’m catching up to you both and you know it!” Ron in 2nd Place? HALDIR! yelled that out in the movie theater the 2nd time I saw TT. YAY! Pip used his senses.

Agin due to my hypernes this review was filled mostly with qoutes. I appologize luv! UPDATUPDATE!

6/13/2005 c21 13UK All The Way
YAY! You updated. Nice chapter. I liked the end bit and the exploding snap bit. You'll have to excuse the length of this review, it's 12 and I'm sleepy... Update soon!

6/13/2005 c21 2JannaKalderash
I really like this tale. Having the kids there really punches things up. I can understand Ginny's frustration with Boromir, and his addlepated father. I know a man like that, and I just thank God that he isn't my dad! I can't wait to see how these kids get home, or how they explain their absence to Dumbledore. Not that he wouldn't believe them, but let's face it; it's a fantastic tale.

If you plan on having Legolas or one of the other elves go home with them, I'd like to see Snape pee in his pants if he's confronted by one of them over his treatment of these kids.

It'll have me laughing for days!

Well, keep up the good work.

6/13/2005 c21 1EvelynTheWise
You're so lucky! I still have a whole week of school left. It's not fair. Oh, by the way, THIS CHAPTER ROCKS!
6/13/2005 c21 3Kaladelia Undomiel
Once I read that Fred & George would teach Pippin & Merry exploding snap,I thought something hilarious coming, and theat Treebeard would tell them off. I WAS RIGHT! YAY! Go Harry for telling Ron he would be good at stategy. I loved his idea of the torches on the ladders, seeing as how they are METAL not WOOD! HEHEHEHE! UPDATE

6/6/2005 c20 1EvelynTheWise
Sorry bout your computer problems. Try an E-Machine. They're really cheap and really good. As for your story, about how long does it take you to post each chapter? I'm really into this and don't want to stop reading. Also, how many chaps are there gonna be?
6/3/2005 c20 8BrownieMelody
This is great! I love Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter crossovers. Can't wait for you to update...AND...what other fictions do you write? Wait...OH...I could just look couldn't I? Well...great job! Update soon!

5/23/2005 c20 3infallallthingsaremadesplended
HAY! Really good chapter. The battle for Helm's Deep is about to start. This is cool. lol. What is Ginny going to do though? Is she going to go with Frodo, or stay with Faramire? If so, is she going to be able to fight any time soon? Well, enough questions for now. Good luck and update soon. Later
5/22/2005 c20 5catwraith
Yaayy! Another chapter! I really loved the WHO'S GONING TO PLAY SEEKER FOR GRYFFINDOR! bit. That was hillarious! Loved it! Must keep the cat from walking on the keyboard. Can't wait for the next chapter.
5/21/2005 c20 thegetaway-xx
very good keep up the good work! you do a good job mixing the characters together!
5/18/2005 c20 6Suuki-Aldrea
YAY! If you need any pointers for stuff from the books, just ask me!

Aldrea: She has read the books five times and is obsesed with the collection of the History of Middle-earth books.

Suuki: There's twelve of them! ^_^

Aldrea: *shakes her head* Namarie.

Suuki: Update soon please! Ja ne!
5/18/2005 c20 4MusiqMistress
Wow... I have no praise that can match up to your brilliance. =] Update when possible, please. ~Musiq
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