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for Lost in Middle Earth

5/18/2005 c20 Falling323
sorry i missed the last chapter. not much to say just keep writing and your doing a good job.
5/17/2005 c20 darknesscomes
Don't worry about the books their very good but so were the movies. This chapter was very good.
5/16/2005 c20 2MischievousPuck
Great Chapter. Don't worry about Elladan and Elohir, it was just a thought. You could have fooled me on the not reading the books part. Some of the things you added came from the book. Again great job.
5/16/2005 c20 3Kaladelia Undomiel
Your reason's are okay for not putting more book elements. I don't know why but several of the exchanges between Leggy, Gimli, and Ron were amusing. Also the fact that while Harry is falling he panicks about what'll happen whgen his friends find out, then freaks out about seeker, and almost calmly oh yeah I've got a liffe time ban... Pure Genious. YOU ROCK! UPDATE soon!

Luv ya

5/16/2005 c20 5Brandy Lebeau
ello again *smiles* I like this please post more!

Oh and it dosen't matter that you haven't read or know much about xmen cause my story is mostly a LOTR's story any way.And if you have any questions just ask.
5/16/2005 c20 20genvessel
if you didn't read the books, you may have missed it - but my favorite part actually happens in shelob's lair. it's when sam takes the ring and becomes the only creature in the series to not be controlled by it.

it's one of the major reasons I believe that the story is really about samwise and he is the lord of the ring in a lot of ways... but i'm an english nut and took a whole class on tolkein and his fabulous series, so i see things others don't (and probalby shouldn't!)

excellent chapter again - i'm sure you'll post again soon, right?
5/16/2005 c20 lovemehatemejustdon'tfearme
Nice chappie. The bit when Harry comes back and is talking to Ron was pricless. Poor Gin, the whole ring possession bit must have freaked her out more then Frodo. Update soon (as always).

5/12/2005 c19 2MischievousPuck
As I read your story more and more I grow to really love it. I like how you have Ron, Ginny and Harry but I'm sorry to say Hermoine is starting to annoy me a bit. Does she always have to be a know-it-all? I think you fleshed out the others very nicely but Hermoine is too bossy. I hope you can fix her. Please stop her from being to high strung. I look forward to your next chapter. Are you going to show the twins as well as Merry and Pippin? Oh, I have a suggestion. I think it would be very funny if George and Fred meet the twins elves of Elrond. I wonder what would happen. Suggest a small suggestion. Thanks.
5/12/2005 c19 20genvessel
leave it to the bookworms to find each other. and i love the spunk you've given ginny in this... it's awesome. while this was a victorious chapter - there was meloncholy as well. you handled it nicely.

we're almost to shelob's lair! even though we're supposed to enjoy the journey, there are parts of this one that i always want to skip...
5/12/2005 c18 genvessel
no, fred... that's not good...

sorry it's been so long since i responded. I graduated college last sunday and I've been a little backlogged on my fiction reading.

this is fabulous as always - i'm onto the next chapter!
5/12/2005 c19 darknesscomes
Well we don't want that to happen. But it is good.
5/11/2005 c19 5Brandy Lebeau
Ello fellow writer! How's it going? I really like this story.PLEASE POST MORE!

oh yeah and I have on like this but it's a LOTR/Xmen fan fic called "21th Century-elf".
5/11/2005 c1 jaiyza2
Good job! Wow I didn't know you were such a good writer ;) I like it so far, I might just get hooked on Crossovers now. Write more!
5/10/2005 c19 beautystar

R u a HUGE New York Yankees fan or is Legolas' horse really named Arod? I kinda just noticed when I was watching the game...



5/10/2005 c19 2SalanTrong
GO BOOKWORMS! we rule the world!

i'm reveiwing again! all beware!
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