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3/16/2005 c12 15Radszilla
Another great chapter. Nope don't mind one bit about Hermoine going off with Frodo and Sam, but can't wait until she meets Smeagle/Gollum, ought to be fun. I feel really bad for the Uruks, they don't know what they got themselves into when they captured George and Fred. Poor, poor urks. Is this going to be continued in a new story or this one? Can't wait for more, update soon.
3/16/2005 c11 AR
keep it up and update fast I just cant wait...plzplzplzplz
3/15/2005 c11 1justx4xfun04
I just love your story! please update soon again!
3/14/2005 c11 20genvessel
continues to be a winner... keep it going!
3/14/2005 c10 genvessel
So, I'm writing a thesis paper on the importance of myth within youth ministry - specifically concentrating on HP, LOTR and Narnia. As i was writing one of my sections last night, I found myself referencing your story and how HP and LOTR weave together so seamlessly... their idea of a metaphysical, overarching story and journey that we're all on...

Anyway - all that to say - I'm finding this a fabulous story. Keep going.
3/14/2005 c11 beautystar

I just took the test and finished but I don't know what it is...

o well...

keep postin'!

3/14/2005 c11 3infallallthingsaremadesplended
I completly understand. Even though I ask you all these questions I know you can not answer them. It wouldn't be any fun for you and it would spoil my fun. lol. Anyway this is getting really good. I can't believe that we are just about at the end of the first book. 11 chapters and your still going strong. Rock on! Someone should throw a party at the end of each book! lol. Anyway seriusly can't wait for the rest. Later
3/13/2005 c11 mika
i waited to review till i finished all the chapters you posted simply because I didn't want to be disappointed. (no offense) but sometimes a story starts out really well but starts to bomb.. so is this going to last through out the whole lotr?

what i love about this fic is that it is 1) very well written. 2) belivable 3)it makes sense 4) no super Harry..

k, will Boromir die? or will he live?
3/13/2005 c11 darknesscomes
This story is the best one that I have read so far. It's really good, keep it up.
3/13/2005 c11 15Radszilla
Wow, that was quick and good, thank you. This was a good chapter, I had a feeling Harry would get the Gryffondor's sword, but am wondering what Fred and George will do with powder, the thoughts are endless. I still don't know if or who you'll put with Frodo and Sam, guess I'll just have to wait and see. Like how you have each of the characters is being portrayed. Can't wait for more, UPDATE soon.
3/13/2005 c11 lovemehatemejustdon'tfearme
That was a quick update. YAY! I didn't expect you to tell me if I was right... then it would be no fun. . I liked this chapter. Is Harry going with Frodo? He's not right? I mean that would defeat the purpose because he has isues with the ring as well as Boromir and Frodo was leaving the Fellowship for that very reason. Is Hermione gonna get taken with Merry and Pippin? I hope not, although I can see why she would. She IS by herself among a hundred some Orcs near her alone so it wouldn't make sense if she was able to suddenlt be superwomen and fend for herself. Update soon!

~Eclipse (yay, I don't have to type all that out when I'm on this account)
3/13/2005 c11 3Kaladelia Undomiel
Dude your fast. I'm starting to update my story soon it should be up within the next day or two.

Stupid hangovers. Goddess I hate them. I like the Hogwarts kids presents. Yay Hermione for bonding. I think Hermione will find Boromir help him use her brooch, and then get carried away along with Merry and Pippin. Where's Gimli's blubbering over Galadriel. I love that part to.

Update soon.

3/13/2005 c10 lovemehatemejustdon'tfearme
YAY! You have chappie 11 started! That means a sooner update! *grins evilly* Well Ginny is obviously in Rohan, horse, blue dress (very Eowyn-ish) but Ron? Is Ron in Minis Tirith? That would make sense, him being uncomfortable; I mean he would prolly recognize the fact that Denethor is a mad king. Update really soon, I want more HP characters!

~lovemehatemejustdon'tfearme (aka UK All The Way)
3/13/2005 c10 6Ice Queen Estella
Good story. This is one of the good crossovers. You're a doing a good job of keeping most of the people in character. Well done and keep it up. update when you can

-Aeariel of the Sea
3/13/2005 c1 2anianka
Totally loved your story - I love the idea of Harry helping defeat the other Dark Lord! I'm trying to work out where the other two are but I doubt they'd be in any great danger (tho the dark room Ron was in eerily reminded me of the cell Frodo was holed up in in Mordor)! Anyway, your endings are always great cliffhangers - hey, it made me want to read more!
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