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for Lost in Middle Earth

2/14/2005 c5 2MischievousPuck
More chapters please. Very good story and well written.
2/13/2005 c5 13UK All The Way
NO NOT A CLIFFIE! AH *dies* Well, not really but no. Lol, who's he gonna meet? It's gonna be one of his friends I bet! Is it Hermione? Ron? Oh, nevermind I could go on for a really long time. I don't the song was to random, it fit in well enough. I LOVE THAT SONG! ALthough whenever me friendsand I sing it we change it to "99 bottles of RUM on the wall..." hehe. ;-P UPDATE SOON!

2/12/2005 c4 xoxoJUICYGIRLxoxo
I love the story! Please update soon!
2/12/2005 c4 UK All The Way
YAY! *jumps up and down* Good chappie. Nice length and everything. Go Fred and George! YAY! Update soon.

2/5/2005 c3 3Kaladelia Undomiel
I agree with UK All The Way, to change the "movie lines" It's kinda boring especcially to those who've read it. Keep up the good work.

Update ASAP.
2/5/2005 c2 Kaladelia Undomiel
It's Awseome. (read my story please) I had a feeling Harry would help, but it was better then I could've imagined. Keep writing.
2/5/2005 c1 Kaladelia Undomiel
Inresting, very interesting. I like. It in corrporates my to fav. stories.
2/5/2005 c3 13UK All The Way
aw *sniffle sniffle* I want Fred and George to meet Merry and Pippin. *is impatient* Well, update soon. Maybe don't quote so much from the movie, like, iono add more scences of your own. It's kinda turining into more a summary of the movie with a few Harry sentences inbetween. Just a thought. Update soon!

2/3/2005 c2 Genesis
There is one thing I don't like about these crossovers. if you add a character such has harry potter. You must rethink all the scenes that he is involved in because I can gaurentee if everything plays the same way. I will be very dissappointed. do make sure to have harry affect what goes on around him.
2/2/2005 c2 UK All The Way
When are you gonna have the other's come in? Are they going to be at Rivendell or something when Harry gets there? *is impatient* Update soon!

2/1/2005 c1 5Smilies rule
haha! me gusta.
1/30/2005 c1 20genvessel
interesting... will the hogwarts kids take the journey through middle earth to mordor? the magic will make some things easier, eh?

please post again soon!
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