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for Lost in Middle Earth

1/1/2012 c10 24ObsessedwReading
I love this. Great job. :)
1/1/2012 c9 ObsessedwReading
I love this! Amazing job. :)
1/1/2012 c8 ObsessedwReading
Great chapter. :)
1/1/2012 c7 ObsessedwReading
I love this so far. :) Great fanfic. :)
1/1/2012 c6 ObsessedwReading
LOL "What did I tell you? It's already been less than a mnute and they're already better."

:D Love those two.
1/1/2012 c5 ObsessedwReading
I love this story! I'm definitly adding this to my favorites.

1/1/2012 c4 ObsessedwReading
Great job I wonder who'll they run into next?

Hmmm... Guess I'll have to rezad and find out. :)
1/1/2012 c3 ObsessedwReading
Good job on this!
1/1/2012 c2 ObsessedwReading
Great job! I'm loving this story so far! :)
1/1/2012 c1 ObsessedwReading
Great chapter! :)
9/17/2011 c39 delete-account-please 742011
this is thebestestfriendsforever just moved to a different account.

good story.
7/31/2011 c13 1greypilgrim1776
wow...usually I wait till the end of the story to review, but I'm really enjoying this story...2 of my absolute all-time favorites...keep up the great work. I've noticed in some author's notes that some people seem to have something against using lines from the movies...All I can say is great lines are great lines. How you included them does not, I think, take away from the story. So far you've made me think, made me laugh (99 bottles of beer is so annoying! I'd love to see it in Elvish! lol) Thanks for a great story.
4/19/2011 c9 Nenefee
Well, I was happy to find another finished HP/LotR fic, but I really can't read this any further. It's dead boring.

Honestly, it's a pure renarration of the movie just with some HP characters frown into the mix; and then even they get lines from the LotR movie?

That's neither imaginative, nor entertaining. What's the point of fanfiction if you copy movie lines?
3/18/2011 c39 2Penny is wise
Excellent story
12/28/2010 c14 19actressen
Oh god, they are hilarious! I love this story! And I love the relationship between Hermione and Gollum!
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