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9/10/2007 c11 13Olaf74
Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant. Please continue it very soon!
9/9/2007 c10 Olaf74
Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant. Please continue it very soon!
9/7/2007 c8 Olaf74
Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant. Please continue it vbery soon.
8/29/2007 c6 megsjedi
Adar is "father." Ada means "dad" or "daddy."

I'm in love with this story, can't wait to finish reading it, then read the sequel!

I'm staying up past bedtime to read this. ^_^
8/21/2007 c8 2Aldalena
I love "Into the West," too. I have cried when listening to it, especially the first time I heard the whole song. It's just so beautiful and sad...

Lovely story! ^^
7/17/2007 c12 raymond
this is stupid the really should be being accepted as wizard in middle erth because their magic is so pathetially weak crap and useless that its only purpose is to waste their time as they attemt to use magic that they seemingly no longer have fed and george are hardly goin to be smaller than the orcs yet with their size and wands and swords the orcs handles them much like as if their best efforts were nothing more powerful than an attack from an insect, same goes for harry
7/17/2007 c9 raymond
yes so hermione fred geogre are naturally better at oclumency than harry, hermione is an idiot for keeping such important fact to herself like a if she could take care of it

and except gandalf the lot of them should snap their wands an go home thier magic is abolutely pathetic none of them can apparate wen harry fell hermione which genious seemed unable to levitae him to safety same wiv gandalf to be honest this is just lord of he rings with the harry potter crew tagging along but not doing anything they may as well be muggle as far as how useful their magic has been (wich is zero)

and their being there hast change the stotry at all so they evidently are useless have no purpose and may as well go home well he twins an harry can, hermione can come back after she finds ron and ginny
7/15/2007 c32 1Ugly Duckling
RE Reply to Hotshot 14 -

Ok, so we all know that The twins and the Hobbits would be the tellytubbies, but who would be who, and who would be the gay one!
6/16/2007 c1 882Yemi Hikari
Well ... if the concept is based off of the Time Truner ... there was the concept that it was kept track of due to the fact that it could have disaterous consiquences. Hermione knows this and I thus don't think she would mess with such magic without being careful.
6/13/2007 c15 1swordpatriot
dude i seriously want gandalf to meet dumbledore
3/26/2007 c32 SilverFoxQueen
I love it! Just one thing, the line from the movie is "That blade was broken. It has been remade"
3/26/2007 c30 SilverFoxQueen
Wow, this is really good. The only thing I have seen wrong is that Minas Tirith is the seven tired city, not 9. But other than that it is totally awsome!
3/23/2007 c39 13Great Thumbs of Wisdom
Ok, first things first: I am no fan of Harry Potter (or at least not anymore). In my opinion, all magic is bad, and "white magic" is possibly even more so (ironically). Now, since that's out of the way, I would love to comment on your story and the way you portrayed the characters (this review may be a little overtly long, but it's an end-of-story review and I have to sum everthing up).

First off, one of my favorite characters was Gimli. Hurray for the dwarf! I especially loved his "kill first, answer questions later" approach to that Moria Cave-Troll. Secondly, you did a very respectable job on all the other characters as well, especially Fred & George and Merry & Pippin. Thirdly, however, Aragorn wasn't all he could have been. Fourthly, Gandalf acted a little too... well... "un-Istari-like." Good story anyway. Fifthly, having Hermione throw the Ring into the Crack of Doom was a little upsetting to me (oh well), and Sixthly, I was very disappointed when Gollum did not redeem himself in some way or another. You really made it look like that was going to happen, but then you just chucked him off the cliff. I could be cynical and say "stupid railroad plot," but you DID have the Harry Potter Group change a whole lot of things (or help in making it happen the exact way it happened in the movies). And I loved the "99 Uruk-hai breaching the wall, 99 Uruk-hai!" song, and that joke you made up: "Repairing the Deeping Wall: $1,0. Medical bills after battle: $10,0. Finding out you just got more kills than the two greatest warriors in Middle Earth: priceless. For some things there are (forgot what this part was). For everthing else, there's fanfiction."

And here's your rating: 9/10! "99 Uruk-hai breaching the walls, 99 Uruk-hai! Take one down by shooting around, 98 Uruk-hai breaching the walls!" (couldn't resist that. now update your C&H/LOTR crossover!)
3/4/2007 c1 AprilPotter101
I LOVE THIS STORY! It's just SO awesome. HP and LOTR both have so much in common that it's like they were meant to be mixed together.
1/26/2007 c15 3LupinandHarry
Is Ginny gonna be in Gondor...hmm...

anyways, I love the story, its very well written!

the only problem I cam find is that some of your quotes are wrong.

like "RIders of Rohan, what news from the MARK?" thats just one but ive found a few.
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