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3/9/2004 c8 Lynhares
More! Please write more of this story :)
2/19/2003 c8 Haile9
Kickin' some again huh? Well that's a good thing! Luv the Duo pranks. I'd like to see those pictures on the side of the house and Trowa's undies pink! ^^ till next time
4/9/2002 c8 2Alex and Michiko
Emily:AAARRRRG! *thunk*

Michiko:*winces* Shh, not so loud, you'll wake people up!

Emily:*ignores her, hits her head against her monitor again*

Michiko:We'll find you more!

Emily:Damn that was a pain. *sits up, rubs her forehead, winces a little* I mean, it was great, you got Duo perfect from the little I've seen of GW, and the pranks were cute. I just wish there were...well however many more chapters you decide to write. Grr. I guess I'm just going to have to find more, or perhaps collapse from exaustion.
4/9/2002 c1 Alex and Michiko
Emily:*waves arms dramatically in front of face* NOOOOO! NOT-THE KOOSHLINGS! *drops arms* What the heck's a kooshling? Anyway, found this after I read the little you've got on the fairy tale thingie. Since it looks like this one's done, I'm happy. See my happy face? *points* ^_^
2/11/2002 c8 deleted account 2257
Gah, that was great! More, please, soon?
12/5/2001 c8 58lefcadio
! write more! *sob* that was so great...^_^ i want to know what happens!
9/2/2001 c7 J. Valentine
Oi, I'm reviewing again. I want more! MORE MORE MORE! Bah, anyhow I forgot to add this to my favs I think so I thought I should since we're all friends ^_^ Okay anyhow this was still good...more! WHAHAHAHAA! ~HYDG(tm)~ STop it caffine, you're scaring people!...AWWW but it's soo much fun!...I said stop! We have to behave ourself in public...Aww you're no fun! party pooper!...Anyhow K-chan, good fic! lots of luv. (PS, wouldn't let me post this on chapter 8...weird...)
9/2/2001 c8 allison
its me again! *evil laugh* i love the way that you can keep a story flowing so good. i actually got through a REALLY REALLY long story (for me) when i dont even know that much about the caracters/ gundam wing. you will have to fill me in on some of this. but from what i could understand (which i have to admit was most of it) it RULED!
9/2/2001 c8 31BloodRaevynn
Reading other peoples' diaries is fun! I guess it's a good thing I don't know anyone who keeps one, ne?

On another note, MORE!
8/24/2001 c8 1Remix Sakura
Cool! XD You should add more!
7/19/2001 c8 5Firefly's Rebirth
When are u gonna post up the next chapter huh? i'm dying to find out wats happenin!
7/17/2001 c8 2unbrokenhellmuse
hmmm... what to say about this? I have no clue how to react to this. hehe. I love it. I can't wait to see more.
7/10/2001 c8 Forentine
Cool story. Very funny. (I need to use all those pranks on my brother sometime. Thanks for the ideas!) Keep goin'.
7/2/2001 c8 7PseudoIdentity
This is so sweet! I love how you put the whole thing in Duo's journal, and how his pen name keeps changing. You also gave me some good pranks to play. *evil grin* I can't wait until you post more of this fic!
7/2/2001 c8 J. Valentine
More? PLEASE! Come on you're always asking me for more! lol actualy I know that you are away and thus this is pointless but so what. WAhh when are ya gonna send me a letter huh? You said you would from camp and I hope you didn't like forget. I'll be so sad ~sob~ Alright I'm gonna go get dressed (finaly) Later chika!
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