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5/13/2010 c4 3Milia
I know that this is much too late *seeing I discovered this game and this gem of fic just now*, but I want to let you know that I really love this one - especially the Jinpachiro and Karin one. I love how you write Jinpachiro similar to Yuri's personality *which is entertaining to see*, and we don't get to see Jinpachiro and Karin's interaction much in other fics XD. I love the Japanese details in the background, and I love the flow of the story. :D
4/18/2005 c4 25SilverLocke980
Ha!... This is excellent!

I can't believe I'm doing this, but I must compliment you most on Nicolai's chapter. Though all the chapters are well-done, I find Nicolai's the best, the most shocking, and the most poetic. Most Nicolai fanfiction on the Internet is simply a "whine-about-Karin" style crap that gets on my nerves; but yours is a dark, stark telling of the life Nicolai lived before the darkness consumed him. It is a beautiful piece; the highest compliment I can pay you is that, before I looked at the chapter names to figure out who it was about, I still knew that it was a story of pain and want and longing. And when you take away all the fancy names involved, that is the measure of a story- whether it can answer the simple question that writing poses all authors.

Can you make it matter?

You can. Very well, it seems.

Likewise, I like most of what's in here; Jinpachiro is something of a dunderhead (as my sister would so succinctly put it), but that's forgivable here as he's not in the least bit an idiot, just kind of staggered and confused as to what the hell is going on. Seeing as how Karin just kind of leapt into his life, it's rather fitting and kind of funny.

However... one moment for a minor rant. Why does everyone on make Jinpachiro Hyuga an idiot? He's a hero, dammit, someone who walked into hell and almost managed to kill Dehuai! He was a noble man, dammit, and a great one. Why do they make him so... *stupid*?

Oh well. Rant over. Excellent work, and thank you again for being so kind in reviewing my fic!

Your Friend,

3/25/2005 c4 atendertouch
Review for Chapter: 4

I liked it :) At first I was confused about who certain people were such I was like who is Kakei-san xD However my confusion lessened as the story went on and characters I knew appeared *^_^* I really like your writing style like Miko you too have a way with descriptions. Very descriptive of the area and the people and because of that the place Ben was in came alive for me :) It's also a quite touching piece with the way you descibe emotions.

Well done :D
3/24/2005 c4 113Tiger5913
*glomps back* ^_^ Sorry I can't leave a long comment this time (still really busy; read my LJ if you wanna know why I've been away), but I just wanted to leave a review here to let you know that I'm reading. Nice little insight there on Ben and Karin, although Karin certainly was a cold fish and a bit rude to Ben... ^^0 Ah well, maybe it's just my poor interpretation because I don't like her anyway, heh. Anyway, I really hope that you can whip up a little KurAna one-shot one of these days, my dear... ^_~
3/24/2005 c4 25maijimaij
I absolutely adore all of your vignettes; they just read so smoothly and effortlessly! I swear, I have no idea why you think your Jinpachiro sucks. Because he sure as hell doesn't; you write him so confidently and well, and everything just feels perfectly natural! I couldn't possibly compare XD This scene is so charming in its simplicity, in his attempts to communicate with -her- xD and how simple and earnest his own mindset is, even in these astonishing circumstances. It's such a great piece. ^^
3/24/2005 c3 6MusicalDragons
Yay! Love it. ::chases evil dragon yuri::
3/4/2005 c3 113Tiger5913
Ohh, this is so ADORABLE! :D I was confused at first, but then I understood what was going on. I R TEH ST00PID!1 ^_~ Anyway, I love little Yuri and his simplistic thoughts of magically acquiring a new sibling... Well, I'd certainly love to read more of these little vignettes, so please update soon! ^_^
3/3/2005 c2 15Puffy Tribulation
wooh, I never was too much of veronica's fan, but imagining her as a little girl all defiant and spitting mad to accept help...I kinda have a new respect for her now.
3/3/2005 c1 Puffy Tribulation
ok, I have to admit that I was totally at a lost who the child is and his mother, until I was about to check the next chp and saw nicolai's name, he heh, then I have to reread the whole chap with new eyes. but other than that first confusion, this is written pretty well, I feel so sorry for nicolai, waiting for the father who never came.
2/8/2005 c2 113Tiger5913
Veronica! *glompage* I like her; she's one of the cooler sub-characters in the game. But the thought of her methods to survive, prancing about the streets... that worries me. I have to wonder what she's done in the past to get a little food or money. *coughcough* Well, it's a good thing Carla rescued her from the streets. Huh, with such a generous save, I've always wondered why Veronica turned away from Carla and Lucia, but hey, that's what fanfiction is for, right? ^_^ Oh, and one last note: if you like Kurando x Anastasia, can ya read and review my stories of them? I'm especially pimping out The Belated Honeymoon because many readers seem to like that the most, so I recommend that one if you don't mind the plug. Well then, I need to get ready for work now. I can't wait for the next one-shot you add to this collection! (Maybe we'll be lucky enough to get some romance? *hinthint* ^_~)
2/8/2005 c1 Tiger5913
Nicolai! *squee* So sad for him and his mother, but because of this, I can see why he hates Tsar Nicholas II and his family. They're living in luxury while Nicolai is fatherless and probably living in poor conditions. A single mother in those days weren't exactly thought highly of, after all. Well, we all know what Nicolai tries to do as a result of his unhappiness... ^^0 I feel sorry for him, though, I really do. I don't see him as much of a villain when I think of Nicolai in that perspective. All right then, enough of my rambling; I'm going to move onto your next one-shot! See ya there! Oh yeah, and this is LadyAssassin from LJ, but I think you already knew that. ^^0

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