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for The course of justice

6/29/2005 c12 4MelLeigh
aw! The begining was so cute! Ut oh! Aw poor min! Great chapter! Can't wait for more!
6/25/2005 c11 MelLeigh
This is a very original story! I really like it a lot!
6/25/2005 c11
you should get a beta. this is annoying to read because of missing words and wrong spelling and incorrect grammar.
5/16/2005 c8 7Aurinko
A rather tricky relationship, isn't it? I do hope that Minerva gets out of the Gary thing too, or that Albus gets rid of him. Good story, keep it going!
5/15/2005 c8 Treedigger
Yay the End is near! Right? ahahahh update soon please I'd like to read more.

Lady Jolly
4/26/2005 c7 ShuleAroon
hey..I like the story very much! Write more please! thx, Shule aroon
4/25/2005 c7 14Palanfanaiel
We! Great story so far, you're really into all those dark plots, I love that! =)

4/5/2005 c5 16kidarock
O i like it! i like it a lot! I want to know some more! Great job! Please update soon, your grammer was quite good, so much better than mine lol. Bexy
3/21/2005 c4 14Morgana-Alex
Hey honey I could really get into this fic. I always wanted someone to come up with how Albus became addicted to Sherbery Lemons! Taking her out to dinner? What is Gary going to say? Please update soon my dear I can't wait to read more.


Jen x
3/21/2005 c3 Morgana-Alex
Oh honey I really don't like this Gary, how dare he want to tame Minerva. Please tell me that Minerva does not marry him. Can't wait to read more. JA
3/21/2005 c2 Morgana-Alex
Albus thinking of their meeting as a date and putting together an alibi and just why does Moody owe Minerva a favour?

can't wait to read the next chapter. JA
3/20/2005 c4 7Aurinko
On with the next chapter then (I assume you wrote it already)! Glad that Albus has another shot to redeem himself...when will we get to see Minerva in action?
3/13/2005 c3 4Eilisan
Interesting story so far - the trial idea is an amusing twist, and I'm enjoying how the story is progressing. You've got a nice writing style that flows along well - awesome job, and keep it up.
3/7/2005 c3 61Nerweniel
Let's all kill Gary *chants*! How dare he! Pff! Great story, though, looking forward to the next chapter!


2/22/2005 c2 77Always Hopeful
Kewlies! I liked that chapter. Can't wait for more! ~Always Hopeful~
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