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for Pulling Him Closer

12/28/2009 c11 22azab
wow wow wow wow wow loved it:
12/28/2009 c7 azab
wow it's like watching a movie :

great chapter
12/28/2009 c6 azab
wow wow wow
7/6/2009 c9 7That-Weasley-Girl
I loved the fight and the kiss I thought it was phenomenal! Please read my story i absolutely love yours!
6/18/2007 c11 12paulalou
another fab story, and look i'm even putting it in my fave story list, see ocasionaly i do find time in my busy harry potter dominated schedual o read other peoples work lol!

I have to say I loved the bit in the restaraunt, really nicely writen, and i love ron's madness.

Im also really impresed by the scene where Mrs weasley tells Hermione and Ron about Harry's death. I had a tear in my eye.

loved it.

my reviews arn't as good as yours lol but i loved the story pore ginny, voldys a bastard...

love paula-lou
1/27/2007 c11 15Watch Out for Yellow Moon
Very good story and I like how well written it is. The only thing for me was that it moved terribly slow (maybe I shouldn't have tried to read it all in one go, lol). The last part of the last chapter was the best though. Good job!


Yellow Moon
8/4/2006 c11 5lilacBookstar
My friend autumnlover told me to read this and I'm so glad I did. You see I love to read, write, anything to do with sad and depressing stuff and this story is officially my idol. I't one of the best I've read, which is saying something considering I've pretty much read fanfics entire supply of angst and tragedies. An amazing story,interessting but also very realistic.
8/1/2006 c11 10autumnlover
you were right - this one was better! the style of writing was great, and you hit the depressing-ness right on the nail, it wasnt too melodramatic (which annoys me) and it wasnt just like 'harrys dead ... but i love you ron'. it was great. beleiveable too. keep writing, love autumnlover
6/12/2006 c11 13thisbe gwydion
ah finally the end :)

well it was great and i lived up to my word... reading and reviewing every chapter...

i liked it... the plot was good and thought out... i like that i wasn't easy... sometimes it's not, and this is definately a great story... good job ;)
6/12/2006 c10 thisbe gwydion
i really like you're writing... it keeps the story moving along good and the plot is definately interesting. i cant wait to read the end!
6/12/2006 c9 thisbe gwydion
i'm so glad this has finally come to a head... the first what 7 chapters were all build up and it's finally coming. it was interesting definately but it was frustrating for me (because i'm impatient with stories) to wait so long to find out what was going on... which means you're story is good... i hated the wait haha... so good job ;)
6/12/2006 c8 thisbe gwydion
definately interesting... weird that hermione couldn't really kiss this zach guy... but i really liked this chapter :)
6/12/2006 c7 thisbe gwydion
woot a hot date for hermione... finally something a little fun... only to be ruined... sad :(
6/12/2006 c6 thisbe gwydion
i like this... i can't wait to see where these weird twists are going... harry and ginny alive? hm i have to continue :P
6/12/2006 c5 thisbe gwydion
hm interesting that you brought in the two finding out about harry's death... you're making this story to be more than just romance... it's got a double helping of angst and it's definately a good story...

more more more :)
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