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3/1/2014 c15 Guest
This was really REALLY good! Best Goonies fanfic I've ever read! Though what happened to Ash at the end? And Lynn is from Boston while Skeds from San Diego? That got me confused cause they're sisters. Poor Data, no girls were interested in him :( And I really want to know how Toons, Rob, Pedro and especially Deb look like, you gave Lynn and Ash very pretty description, but why not Deb? I could imagine her lookin like Deb from Napolean Dynamite XD but this story was great! I like reading it when I'm bored :)
9/3/2011 c15 Somepersonsomewhere
Not to bad. It Seems like you like to describe people a lot. Not that its a bad thing, but it would be better if you didnt go into such great detail. Or maybe used differnt words to describe them. ( btw sorry for spelling mistakes, no spell check)

Other then that, i really did like the story. You might want to work on the flow of the story a bit... But good job all and all :)
7/19/2010 c4 goonies 4ever
i know the age difference, but what about mikey and andy? ive notice there are some mouth and stef fics, but what about mikey/andy together. well still like your fic. goonies forever! and sorry but not really like brand with andy. i think he should be with someone other than andy.
5/11/2010 c15 DaughterOfPoseidon11
This Was One Of the Best Story I Have Read In Ages!

Very Very Good!

I Wish You Could Make A Sequel!

Oh Welll, Any Ways, Bravo Bravo!
9/10/2009 c14 valerie3571
9/10/2009 c13 valerie3571
I love this story!
9/10/2009 c12 valerie3571
You are strange. Batman maybe?...
9/10/2009 c11 valerie3571
Sad chapter.
9/10/2009 c10 valerie3571
You are a good writer.
9/10/2009 c9 valerie3571
Wow Chunk is a jerk but the story rocks!
9/10/2009 c8 valerie3571
Sad Chapter but i still love the story!
9/10/2009 c7 valerie3571
9/10/2009 c6 valerie3571
I love Mouth!
9/10/2009 c5 valerie3571
9/10/2009 c4 valerie3571
Hi! My name is Val and I am a Goonie and a greaser! I love all things Gonies! great story
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