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7/24/2005 c10 16TheGoofyCat
That was great, I finally saw Newsies it was awesome so now I understand, lol, this story was cool :)
7/1/2005 c10 Sparks Kelly
HEY OMG ITS OVER! it was soo sad but it was really really really good! i thought that Boots was gonna die! i was like crying! that was a great welcome home present I loved it! can't wait tot lak to you hopefully tonight! love you tons sugar! xoxoxo

6/28/2005 c10 marguerite
this is such a good story! i am so sad its over :( oh well keep writing new stories you are good at it!
6/28/2005 c10 2AshRaye
ah I finally had time to read it! SO GOD CAKES! lol

6/26/2005 c10 4elleestJenn
O and good ending for a good story. I wish you do a story about cakes and Pie. So cute, cake and pie two opposite desserts! Hehe!
6/26/2005 c10 2mistymixwolf aka Perch
T_T o noes it's over! ..but yay u finished! lol :P dun those completely go against each other? O_o anywho go u! nice story :) and yes we must xD
6/26/2005 c10 Lil Irish QT

you did a incredible job!

and i would like to thank you for writting this story otherwise i wouldnt have recieved this wonderful award! *tear*
6/19/2005 c9 Marguerite
AH! what will they do? where is the freeken' fire fighters? update or else!
6/19/2005 c2 2ozymandias king of kings
aww! thats so sad! noone realizes they are gone! i like your story so far, keep it up!

6/19/2005 c9 2mistymixwolf aka Perch
O_O OMG BOOTS! NU!..OMG ONLY ONE MORE CHAPPY? NU! i dunno which is worse T_T both!

6/18/2005 c4 24T-R-Us
Here's me; on my trip to chapter four of Stranded. It was a great trip, I got to read all about Boots, Les and Snipes running the - wait. You know this. Oh yeah, I'm s'posed to review. Tee.

Out of New York? That would mean New Jersey! ... OR CANADA!

Poor guilty little Race.

Wow. You have to be real angry to that. I've only banged my head on something in anger... *counts on fingers* Twice. But never to the point of unconsciousness. Smooth Les, smooth.

Interesting closing imagery. I like it! I'll see YOU in chapter ...five... Wait. I can only say that for chapter two... So... I'll see YOU in chapter TWO! (But I really mean five.)
6/18/2005 c3 T-R-Us
My computer wouldn't let me see/review chapter two and I can't go downstairs to see it because /someone/ *glares menacingly at Fré* thought it would be a barrel of laughs to delete internet explorer. So... I'm Stranded. Anyway, I'll guess what happens and review #3!

The Delanceys are heah! /They're he-E-ere.../ lol. For a while I thought the 'MNMN' was part of the story... and I was trying to say it... and... yeah...

*sniffle* OUR LITTLE LES IS GROWING UP! Now we're gonna have to call him 'Mor'. Teehee. Sorry, that's a joke from an old fic I wrote where everyone was switched around and Les(s) became Mor(e)... lol

Running the opposite way! NO! *waves a big sign* TURN BACK! TURN BACK!
6/18/2005 c1 T-R-Us
Poor Snipes and Boots. I know how it feels to be left out of a Poker game, and you portrayed that emotion well. Dun de dun dun! They're running away? *gasp*!
6/18/2005 c9 Lil Irish QT

why did you forget Bootz i mean he's the bestest!

update soon!
6/18/2005 c9 4elleestJenn
O poor Boots. I hope he gets out safe. I was a little confused with the the girls plan when it was happening bc first it was tears crying but Oscar found Minic. Well anyways, good, I like it. Can't wait to read the last chapter.
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