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for Stormy Night

12/26/2005 c1 thechosenrockchick

so so so cutie!


6/10/2005 c1 3Ronandchicken
I love Ron and Hermione together like you wouldn't believe it. Yay!

As a side note, I couldn't help reading your bio.

A few points:

1. Ferrets are awesome

2. Simple Plan, Avril Lavigne, Green Day. There's my entire spare time (even while I'm reading and writing). And therefore a lot of the same favorite songs.

3. I couldn't agree more on your "Hated Ships" list. Those have to be my LEAST favorite ships ever.

I also agree with Ron/Hermione as a favorite ship. Just not Ginny/Draco.

Sorry for this really random rant about stuff completely un-Potter related (gasp! The sins) but it just made me happy to see a lot of familiar stuff in a bio. :)
3/22/2005 c1 Athena
OMG That was ADORABLE! So cute and fluffy and...AW!
2/14/2005 c1 9melsbells91
Aw, the cuteness! I love it! Great job, please update soon.

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