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3/2/2007 c4 14Kairi's-twin
THIS STORY IS FREAKIN' AWESOME! I love all of your characters I like how they are not all perfect. and i love all of theirs reactions to the dream. I love how Sam whacks Gabriel... Gabriel should really know better than to focus on just the one person. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE SOON!

~Kairi's Twin~


I love that one of your characters is an adult usually it is just teens and very young adults in these stories i like how you put in an older OC.
5/11/2005 c4 65LightNeverFades
Awesome job! Love it! Please update ASAP! :D
4/16/2005 c4 13Adele Starminster
Awesome story, please update!
3/9/2005 c4 rezzashi
Wicked story dude! The characters are different but still seem kinda normal, at least to me anyway. Only one question, when are the newbies gonna meet the vampires? And will any of the new characters have any deep, dark secrets?
2/25/2005 c4 6Aradia-hornbeam
Lol great chapter again love the bits with the gun and hitting van helsing with a stick lol!

Sure you can use my explanation lol i kinda took it from micheal crighton stargate and witchblade anyway lol just seemed to fit :)

keep writing!
2/25/2005 c4 6Nyptunus
Awesome update! Where's Drac. and gang? Do they come in later? Thanks for the update! Can't wait for more! Favorite line today!: and anyway I hate vampires and werewolves and stuff, though the baby vampires and Dwergies were kinda cute in the movie and...

Just thought it was a bit ackward! Thanks! Update soon!
2/24/2005 c4 2HughJackmanFan
hehehe, the year of 2005 ... if Gabriel doesn't know *smiles evil* and next chapter goes!
2/24/2005 c4 3island-surfer
it turned out awesome! i like the description of the movie. i also like the whole thing with the gun and having it go from person to person. i can't wait for the next one!
2/20/2005 c3 6Aradia-hornbeam
Lol maybe i should start paying you to advetise my fics ;)

Great chapter again thank god anna's alive lol

only thing it needed was more spaces in the Van Helsing bit but can understand that know what its like to rush through to get to the parts you really want to write about!

keep it up! x
2/20/2005 c3 3island-surfer
this chapter is just as good as the last two if not better! that's kind of freaky that that is the way i talk... but the physical portrayal is way different... that's how i want to look actually. oh well. keep up the awesome work!
2/20/2005 c3 2HughJackmanFan
good and the next, please ^^
2/19/2005 c2 6Nyptunus
I definitely like how you portrayed Hervok! Thanks for doing that! I like the line "kid" for him to call others that. I do like the story and I hope that the characters can join together and defeat Drac and his brides! Oh, and, suggestion for VH2:COD: Have a character be bitten and become a vampire! To tell the truth, in my story: Van Helsing: Legends of Blood Reign, I have Van Helsing being bitten by a new vampire character and he doesn't get rid of the curse until my next story. I am also resurrecting Dracula in a character called "Krel" who will be a key point in the next few stories. Also, Dracula will now be referred to as "Vlad" or "Tepes"...just thought that I would let you know! Anna is coming back but she won't be in my story that much until my next story! It's kind of confusing, but, you know! Anyway, update soon and I promise that I will recruit more characters for The Wallowing Whispers so that your plot can happen! Thanks and continue please!

-Lord Harven
2/19/2005 c2 5Haveniryxia
That was another wonderful chapter. Keep it up. I cant wait for the next update. Please update soon. This story is starting to get good.One question who exactly is Hervok. Is it just some older guy thats in ur story. SOrry for the question just wasnt sure exactly who that is. If u mentioned it in ur story i must of skipped over that part or something. please explain. Thanx
2/19/2005 c2 3island-surfer
it was awesome! it's perfect. i even talk like that. i find that kind of scary but still so cool! i can't wait for the next chapter!
2/19/2005 c2 6Aradia-hornbeam

Found your story afew minutes ago and just had to read it! i think its great really sucked me in from the first chapter you described Dracula's revival perfectly and i had to smile at the brushing the hair back bit was just like the movie.

So Leah's the wiccan friend you mentioned to me before? glad you two are friends again!

keep writing i wanna read more!

Aradia x
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