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for A Demon's Love

1/9/2008 c8 2SilentKiller1
okay,um...thats just plain ol'...FUNNY!
1/9/2008 c7 SilentKiller1
daisuke has a heart that is just to pure
1/9/2008 c6 SilentKiller1
i would HATE a person if they said that to me
1/9/2008 c5 SilentKiller1
i wouldnt count on it daisuke
1/9/2008 c4 SilentKiller1
1/9/2008 c3 SilentKiller1
man daisuke had a rough couple of years
1/9/2008 c2 SilentKiller1
i would hate to be in daisukes place
1/9/2008 c1 SilentKiller1
12/13/2007 c8 10Ambiguous Loon
dude you ARE evil!Awesome!

poor Dai he's way beond underage for children.lol
12/8/2007 c8 11kittycat3191
This story is getting good. Please update soon. ^.^
10/1/2007 c8 4sheens142
woah, wasnt expecting that :S lol, but i liked it anyway. i luv how u manage to turn everything into something cute and funny! i dont mean that in a bad way...its just true :)

much luvv,

9/25/2007 c8 rabidfangirlsrscary
Seriously, what HAVEN'T the fans done to Daisuke yet? 0.0 Poor thing...

I love the writing style, and Daisuke's reactions are funny as h*! XD

Thanks for posting them.
8/13/2007 c8 5My.Thesis
Really...I have read m-preg fics (you should've warned people that, then again...it's more funny and shocking if you don't! XD Heh, heh), but this was whoa! LoL. I swear I'm sadistic enough to laugh in the face of my laptop screen when a guy gets pregnant. :D Okay, anyways, I like how you started the fic, the first chapter I mean. I like the reason Dark had when he semi-molested Daisuke. What's so funny is that I don't even cuss him out for it! All in all, like all your other stories, I like you made your ideas come out in the right time! You are freakin' gifted!

On to a more serious matter: I just noticed how you put all your stories into hiatus! So, instead of asking you if you have an estimation of when the hiatus ends, do you think you will actually end the hiatus some day? I had a hiatus like this one that lasted two years and it ended up in the trash, since I wasn't able to get passed the hiatus. '-.- I hope your stories don't end like that!
8/4/2007 c8 1XxxLavixAllenxxX
NO! YOU CANNOT DISCANTINUE(Spelling?)THIS AMAZING FIC!...pwease! Oh please do not discontinue this i might actually kill someone!(preferably my brother)Your storys are amazing, and you have put all of them exept one on hitius(Which by the way is AWSOME). T.T please think about it and continue this story! :)
8/3/2007 c8 Mentally Insane Fangirl
OH! MPREG! (Giggles) You have to continue this! This plot is awesome! And so are your writing skills! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
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