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5/30/2018 c7 17Child of Dreams
Stay by my side, guide me...
5/30/2018 c1 Child of Dreams
Um, don't you mean Samwise Gamgee?
4/29/2011 c17 southernwulf
...really lovely!...thank you.
2/4/2008 c17 DimmDimms
What a fascinating story. Well done :)
8/7/2007 c17 12TapDancingKittens
I usually avoid EOW stories. In fact, this is the first non Erik/Christine story that I've read. But yours is really good. I like how you included Christine into the story (sort of), instead of just ignoring her and shuffling her away as nothing more than a distant memory.

I like your Erik, too. Despite his Leroux-esque deformity, he seems really charming and sweet. I can see how Carla could fall for him.

The part about Erik and ebay cracked me up. I can't believe he has internet down there!

My only complaint is that your epilogue is too short. Okay, I admit, I'm selfish, and I want to see more Erik/Carla! And Leah too! I wish Leah could have met her beloved Phantom.
4/25/2006 c17 She Who Tires Of Sexist Dolts
OMFG! Do YOU know what makes this story even better than it is? My name is actually Carla! I SWEAR ON ERIKS ROSES!
1/28/2006 c1 27Bloody Phantom
Good Story
11/28/2005 c9 7Ram Jas
This was a beautiful chapter. It made me cry. As as for your opinion on Webber, Crawford, and Brightman:

I TOTALLY AGREE! I've been DYING to find someone that thinks the same way I do about them! OMG THAT IS SO AWESOME! *high fives* You are greatness. *nods solemnly*
11/28/2005 c4 Ram Jas
Oh poor Erik! This is a GREAT story! I'm not sure if I have reviewed this one yet...anyways, it's VERY well-written and has excellent grammar and everything. Gonna go and finish now-I'm REALLY enjoying this story!

5/18/2005 c17 Phantomica
Oh i so love it!

It had like everything!

Do you know what? This story freak's me out o.O

It's like me and my friend Linda, she's a ringfreak, and i'm a super phan o.O

And each time i mention phantom she goes


And we both got terrible humor :laughs:

I love the humor, espacally this part:

Now you shut up. I didn't ask for your opinion." she growls. "Darn, it's the middle of the night and you're not even half awake, Carla. Ignore these idiots and get some sleep. Or even Frodo couldn't carry the rings you'll have under your eyes tomorrow." She lays her hands over her face. "I don't want to go back! Not even to return you stupid gown! Now be quiet!"

Some moments of utter silence pass away.

"Damn you all."

I was laughing so hard..

Loving you're story ;)

*praises you*
4/26/2005 c17 Jennifer
Phabulous! What can I say! It does the leave the question of how he stayed alive so long, but that still works! Did you use"Turn Around" b/c of Dance of the Vampires with MC? Sad musical lol...I realy, really loved it!
4/25/2005 c17 2AngelOfMusic387
I just read your whole story in one sitting (and it's now 3:01 AM, thank you very much). The whole story was very well thought out and creative, I thought. I wish that I was Carla! This story had so much feeling; you are truely a talented writer. Write more! Write a sequel! Write something! I look forward to any stories you may write in the future.

4/13/2005 c17 sbkar
He's above ground... Goodie!
4/13/2005 c16 sbkar
Ah ha! It's clear now!
4/13/2005 c16 sbkar
Ah ha! It's clear now!
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