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for Fame or Fugitive

7/29/2010 c14 2blondebabe800
Wow. You really do have a talent for writing action.
3/29/2006 c14 2Howel de Wolfe
Whew, finally finished it. Man this story was great from start to finish. Great ending.
3/29/2006 c13 Howel de Wolfe
This was a great chapter. As are all the others. This was a particularly good line.

“I got in a sword fight with the head of the Yakuza.”

Gator pipes up now. “Well, first I got stuck delivering packages but then I went to this huge gang war where all these Diablos were fighting and I had to sneak in the back and I was all like “powpowpowpowpow” coz they were all over the place and I had to get in. And then -”

“A sword fight? How cool is that! Tell me about it!”

“Well, the guy said I had to prove myself, so I'm thinking I have to do some job like a hit or something, but he pulls down this huge battle sword and I'm like “woah”.

Gator clears his throat. “And the kitchen was all on fire and I had to save the chef and -”

“Gator, shut up, I'm trying to listen to the story!” yells Phil.
7/14/2005 c14 1Red county state trooper
Hahaha, you used Aron's name, Hahahaha, (BOOM!)
7/12/2005 c14 Irisblue


Oh christ, now Im dizzy.

You didn't think I could do it, did you Lordmasterkris! Well I proved all of you wrong with my new wireless connection to our seperate yet still quite rubbish computer which I got for my birthday on Sunday. Which, coincidentaly (spelling) is 20 days before yours!

Im 20 days older! HA!

I know this because I saw your liveJournel thingy.

Another fact is that Im now also on live Journel, only not under Irisblue because somebody else already has it!

Anyway, just thought I'd tell you the brilliantly pointless news! Exciting yes! Thought so!

I can't belive I actuallyfixed it, after all this time...
7/2/2005 c1 6Sid Hawk
Um, dude I couldnt review agen on the same chapter so haha well neway here man There's my story read 1 agen to refresh memory then R&R #2...I kno u been lookin 4 this so here ya go.
6/27/2005 c14 Sid Hawk
long, Long, Long. LONG. LONG! Dude took me at least an hour and like half way in I lost track and the words slurred and I was liek..."wha?-?" but neway sweet man very good very long and very exciting. So if this ISN'T the end yet Im waiting and lookin forward to the next peice of this epic trilo-I mean story. Sorry, watching star wars right now.


6/27/2005 c12 Sid Hawk

Did I spoil it? Nah not really. Not what I was lookin for...it was leik...BETTER! Hey man I dun think u screwed it up at all, maybe we could do a story together sumtime man. Im gettin the next chapter written for RTAGW. CHeck back sum other time. L8er man.

6/17/2005 c14 6ryando
Where to start. This was a monster of a chapter and it was superb. Although you out in a little to much description. Some bits of your story confused me but when i read over them again I understood them. Hope you update soon. Great job!

6/15/2005 c14 14Aaron Gamemaster
Damn, nice chapter (although i just skipped to it without reading many others, oh yeah, now, because of that, I'm gonna retaliate, you are gonna die (in one of my stories). :P
6/14/2005 c14 2Actionmax
Woo an update great to hear from you buddy. Another adventure/Action filled chapter.
6/2/2005 c10 2Howel de Wolfe
Your story rocks, its got tons of action and suspense. Hey if you like grand theft auto stories, be sure to check out my new one called Black Jack under Grand Theft Auto
5/27/2005 c1 HuntortheWolf
Are you gonna make 2nd one, I love this story
5/25/2005 c11 1Red county state trooper
Man that was a great chapter! Lots of action too. Anyway I feel bad for them always having to clean and stuff:(
5/16/2005 c13 Irisblue
Sigh...where to start?

Fantastic. This story is in a league of it's own.

Love the characters you made up, love the way you portray the existing Rockstar GTA charaters,

the plots great- fast, intresting, keeps the story moving- the action is great and it's done in a very GTA way.

Also funny when you clearly mean it to be- very important if you ask me! You've clearly got a great sense of humor!

This is a really well done story, there are alot of writers here who could certainly learn from your style Kris. Well done.

Scotland is awesome.
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