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for Keeper of the Dunedain

8/6 c2 scyfly
this is damn confusing and what i do get makes a lick of sense
7/17 c24 2Treyven 'The Raven' Corsey
I have to agree with ogot56. I am very disappointed that this is slash and that is also when I lost complete interest.
5/7/2019 c16 George1892
This story was passable so far but angsty Harry was too much for me.
6/12/2018 c22 ogot56
lost imterest in the story the moment you confirmed it be a slash fic. i am so ver disappointed.
7/29/2015 c24 Hainbuche
das ist eine situation die eigentlich nur schief gehen kann ... arroganz, hm. eine spannende stelle zum aufhören. schreibst du weiter, bitte? lg hayne
2/22/2015 c24 momocolady
Good story, I like it. I hope you will update soon.
2/21/2015 c1 5Light Lord Cybergate
Wasn't he allowed to use his magic?
A simple stunner would have done wonders... but no he had to let the bastard attack him.
Oh well...problem taken care of...
12/17/2013 c2 SonOfNenji
You were wrong. So far everything has been a big cliche.

It's hard to explain without memorizing, so I suggest you simply re-read it and see for yourself.
11/26/2013 c24 Gracealma
Sure hope this story can be updated as it is a great story. Love how you portrayed the characters. And I love any story with Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.
11/7/2013 c24 5RogueNya
I hope this gets continued some day as it is quite good.
8/24/2013 c22 3Apol31
Type your review for this chapter here...
8/15/2013 c24 5Lunary
Hey ho,

I hope you continue this story because I like to find out if our dear Harry or Malrendil will find love again or not, how Aragorn will grow up with a father, what will become of the fellowship and so many others, because he has lost so much after his first live and has continued to loose much and yet also gained a family of his own.

Okay he still needs to let them help him, even after all this time, but I think it will come with time and that he will only grow up even more than he already did.

So I look forward to an update for this story and hope that I don't have to wait in vain.

6/26/2013 c24 beulah2013
Hope this fic isn't abandoned but the evidence says it is.
3/30/2013 c24 3Larisya
Oh no.
11/15/2012 c24 Guest
Please please please update!
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