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7/21/2019 c1 carrie lee
Am reviewing chapter one. (skipped ahead and read middje chapter first, as first chapter is based on monk episode i‘ve seen. Thought it was very well written, as a novelization of andy breckman‘s script, told from natalie‘s point of view, in the first person. Only editorial quibble would be the paragraph stating sfpd inept explaining what men doing in house. Think natalie very kind and fair person, the men a mystery even to her, so don‘t think ‘inept‘ the word she would use. Maybe smething like , ”sfpd were, frustratingly, just as baffled as me, as to men‘s motives.‘ and the phrase about reviving the goldfish year after year‘ might be confusing to people who have not seen show novelization is based on. Those are constructive editorial quibbles. U r a fine writer! I don‘t always read other reviews before i review, but read kristan‘s mean-spirited review. It was mean because story is by no stretch of the imagination ‘terrible‘! it is a very well written novelization of monk episode, one chapter is not a story, as author pointed out, and as it is based on andy breckman‘s very good episode, if kristan not like andy‘s story creating natalie, is she bitter sharona fan? Am assuming she is monk fan reading monk story.
7/16/2019 c7 carrie lee
Great chapter! Just read chapter 7. Very well written, and intriguing! The little details are great, very in character! Natalie‘s watson-like narrative great, her thinking, very in character! Monk‘s noticing clues, like the white bones and all false teeth, very in character, and monk-like! Only quibble: think receptionist would want to see police i .d. before granting entry. Small quibble! Great, in character, monk trying to straighten her name tag! And obsessing ‘desperately‘!, heehee that word great!, if sticker is stuck on straight. Good show! Please write more! Thanks for writing and sharing, amymimi! U go, girl! U got talent! God bless!
7/16/2019 c6 carrie lee
Just read chapter 6. Bravo! Very well written! Monk‘s amazing figuring out where natalie keeps stain remover, and her amazement, is brilliant, as the british say! Quite like holmes amazing watson with his deductions. All are very in character. Good job! Enjoyed reading! Thanks for writing it and sharing! Please write more, please! U r a very talented writer! And i‘m a monk-natalie fan!
12/7/2009 c11 Taffy Cat
I really enjoyed this story! An intriguing plotline that kept me guessing, characters kept in-character, interesting ending... you're a very good writer!
11/21/2005 c11 5Abra de Winter
Good work! Excellent Monk-Natalie chemistry. I loved the story!
9/9/2005 c11 Alyssa
Seriously, your plotline left me dazzled. You thought of everything in terms of clues and complication that made it read like the show would. It was also pretty funny and I laughed out loud a few times. Good read.
9/5/2005 c11 2ladybrin
I really enjyed this story- i love natalie and monk - i think she does a great job with him and i love how well she relates to him on the show- you did a good job capturing that in this New Assistant story- please wrtie more stories soon
8/7/2005 c11 DELETED D3L3T3D
Nice! Loved it!
7/9/2005 c11 64katydidit
Oh! I just saw him do the shrug-and-neck-twitch! That last paragraph was *awesome*! You rock.

Loved this story. You had me trying to solve the case as I read-some of the detective stories I've read in the past have either given too many clues (and therefore making it so you know the end), or not enough (so you have no idea how it'll end up), but in this, you seemed to get just the right amount. And everything made sense-no clues that didn't matter, nothing that seemed to have been stretched or bent too far to be plausible. I could definitely see this as being a real episode. w00t!

The characters were pretty much dead-on. I loved the whole hallway scene-that was probably the most vivid scene other than that last paragraph. Loved the image of Monk all up on Natalie, couting her eyelashes but pretty much because I've pictured the same thing, only one of them moves forward and they do the smoochie. *grin*

I love your Monk! I love your Natalie! I love everyone...'cept Stottlemeyer-he was mean to Natalie in this one and therefore he's a rat. *grin* Loved Randy and Monk fighting in the car, and then the Walkie-Talkie.

Y'know...I think if I listed everything in the story that I loved, the review would be longer than the actual story. So I'm going to sign off, and go read your Haunted Motel story-that's open in another tab of mine, but I figured I'd save the best for last. *grin*
6/13/2005 c1 jd burns
Just one question.. I haven't seen the show past the second season yet. Did Monk actually meet Natalie this way?

Sounds very Monk-like anyway, particularly the not being able to put out a fire.
3/18/2005 c1 25Amymimi
Hello, Kristin. I hope you look back at this story again, because you only read the first chapter, and so, you didn't read the whole 'story,'as you called it. I think you'd think better of it if you read the entire story, and not just the first chapter. I guess you didn't notice the notes I had at the beginning of that first chapter... Ah well, maybe you'll return someday...
3/18/2005 c1 Kristin
I think your "story" is terrible! You could have done a better job ... I hope your future stories are not like this one.
3/17/2005 c11 160zzilly14
Great story, great ending! :)
3/17/2005 c11 16Monkish Otaku
All I can say is . . . WOW!
3/16/2005 c10 Monkish Otaku
Do I really have to repeat myself? It's just gonna be the same kind of review like the others before it. But it is important to you, and I like to give people praise for their stories. So, here it goes:

Great chapter! I also noticed that Natalie was kinda mean to Monk during her whole laughing fit. Oh well. And you're getting close to the 30 review mark! Yay you!
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