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for Why I Chose To Become a Crusader

3/24/2005 c1 1Kisaragi Touka
Konnichiwa! EA, you are one heck of a writer! no wonder Tharius talks bout ya! keep it up, ne?
3/24/2005 c1 1Hirvegil Gilraen
You are right. Crusaders are the heralds of God and the knights (Crusaders are holy knights) responsible for cleansing the land of undeath.

But so far, I found some problems. Im here to "Heal" them.

1. You should put flashbacks in italics.

2. You don't have to capitalize monster names and weaponry. "Baphomet" and "Dark Lord" are exceptions.

3. Try to put description on the fight scenes.


1.An image of a giant cross appeared on the ground under Briten, burning every demon around the crusader.

2. The other crusaders kept on conjuring glowing crosses and sent them flying at the goat-demon.

3. James was hit by the shield, knocking him backward. The knight fell on the marble floor.

4. "Oh my gosh!" Gabrielle held her hand over Briten's wounds which were slowly mended by healing light.

This was a good fic. You might want to check out my own crusader fic. (I need Reviews!)

In what Ateneo are you staying in? I'm in Iloilo...
3/5/2005 c1 haha
Rocks! Now I know why I became a crusader too : D
3/2/2005 c1 2Sushi and Sashimi
EA! Great work. Really. Update soon. O.o
2/28/2005 c1 FalleN SainT
Crusaders are the best class in RO. There is no substitute.

Great story.

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