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for Phantom of NERV

7/6/2019 c1 41Gundam Meister of Rituals
This story has a lot potential. Please continue it.
3/28/2010 c1 15StraightedgeWingZero
Very interesting please comeback and update
4/22/2009 c1 27mangafreak7793
wow, this is a interesting fic, I was hoping to find a Phantom of inferno fanfic since I'm recently watching the new anime so I hope you update on this soon
1/21/2008 c1 Necrokon
When's the next chapter gonna come out, or are have you given up. I'd like to read more.
4/5/2007 c1 Destinyends
Come on man this story looks promising i Cant wait for you to finis it.
1/10/2007 c1 ShadowsofNyx
I haven't seen Inferno but I really like where you're going with this. Keep up the good work, and please update.
3/12/2006 c1 Rouge
Wow this is an awesome fic and its about time somebody did a Phantom fic, so when are you going to continue this? Soon I would hope.
1/17/2006 c1 11Trackula
You should continue this, any Phantom of Inferno story is welcome, since almost no one on this site writes about it.
10/30/2005 c1 8Grey Wolf4
This is a wonderful beginning to a story I've finally been able to play Phantom of Inferno and this is great!
7/21/2005 c1 animelover489074
Hey, i dont really read crossovers but that was pretty good. if u want to wright back to me my e-mail is and yes my name is dani and i love anime witch u watch eather the same or more than i do lol. well talk to you later

3/5/2005 c1 10The Skeptical Puck
Excellent, update soon
3/4/2005 c1 8Uboa
Nice. Phantom of Inferno is an interesting combination with Evangelion, and I'm positive that this fic will be wonderful.

Myself, I bought the Phantom of Inferno interactive DVD way back at Otakon 2004, and I've never gotten around to finishing it. Hell, I don't think I even got near the midpoint. I really need to watch it more...

Anyways, good luck with this fic. I'll keep an eye on it.
3/2/2005 c1 3Ricnan Penderyn
Yo, neat idea, I'd been thinking of a Phantom/Eva crossover myself, but the idea was a bit different from this.

I've seen one episode of the OVA adaptation (and I might get the game eventually), but it's hard to watch them since the fansubs I've got seem to fall out of synch as I watch them, but this story sounds like it'll be interesting.

I'll try to finish off the OVAs, and keep my eye on this fic. Keep up the good work! ^_^
3/2/2005 c1 solo wing alpha
awesome cant wait to see more

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