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5/29 c48 2WildlyLaughing
As far as the equation goes, I think it's obvious what's going to happen. Vector has repeatedly mentioned that Snape's line in the equation was the "Snape the Spy" line, because the "Snape the Person" line followed the exact path as the Spy line all the time, due to the fact that so much of Severus Snape's identity is made up of the fact that he's a spy for Dumbledore and Voldemort.

Vector then removed the "Snape the Person" line because it was redundant (i.e. because it was practically a copy of "Snape the Spy" line and there was no need for both lines if they're showing the same thing all the time).

Snape's line dies in the final battle. Vector hasn't realized it's the "Snape the Spy" line that dies, though. Since Voldemort dies (and maybe Dumbledore as well), Severus Snape no longer needs to be a spy. Therefore "Snape the Spy" dies, but "Snape the Person" lives on.

On a side note, I gotta say that even though I like the story as well as how the romance was built up, I don't particularly like this version of Hermione/Snape. Not that the author portrayed it terribly (because it was actually a good build-up in my opinion) but because of the fact that it's a Severus Snape who has to be at least 38-40 years old being in love with a 17 year old girl that hasn't graduated the Wizarding World's version of highschool.

Yeah...that's really tough to get behind.

Personally I prefer it when Hermione and Severus get together under a different scenario, such as:
1) Hermione gets sent back to the Marauder's era
2) Snape is de-aged
3) Marauder's era Snape gets sent to Hogwarts era
4) Some other time shenanigans happen that make it so that Hermione and Snape are a lot closer in both physical and mental age.

Again, this last part isn't criticism against the story as it was pretty obvious how the romance was going to play out. I just felt like I had to say that the idea was more than a little off-putting for me. Still, the story was good enough that I kept reading even though I didn't like the way the pairing went. That's something to be credited to the author
5/29 c32 WildlyLaughing
Just to let you know, chapter 30 which was turned into an author note can actually be deleted without losing any of the reviews. I deleted a chapter from my my own fanfic but later discovered that the reviews from the deleted chapter are still there whenever I look at through the comments
5/25 c51 Guest
A masterpiece. Thanks for sticking g with your story and sharing your writing spells.

Using live as the theme and the means to defeat Voldemort and his die-hard followers was a masterstroke.

I have only one complaint, more of a misgiving. Love is goodness, it is light. Using Fiendfyre to dispose of Voldemort's body would be using Dark magic, a thing of evil and hate. I don't know what other option there is, because surely it would be important to get rid of even the faintest trace of Voldmort's body.

Nonetheless, truly one of the very best HP fanfics. Congratulations, and thanks again.
Snapesbeatrice, 5/2020
5/27 c52 FallForMe MyDarkness
I laughed, cried and the burn was super wicked. This is the story Sevvy deserves!
5/27 c52 VanoraRyn
wow, that was a wonderful, long and second worth reading story. thank you so much for that hard work, and sharing that journey with us. best wishes and stay safe
5/19 c52 4 out of 5 stars
I have been a long fan/addict of the SSHG ship and reading literally thousands of fanfics ever since the Happy Potter books came out.

I’ve heard about your story - and perhaps due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, I finally grew the balls to read the entire “Pet Project”, the Mother of All SSHG Fanfics. Now I am finished with your magnicifent story and will give it a honest review.

I am giving it 4 out of 5 stars.

The story is incredible and your language is amazing and the slow burn build up between Snape and Hermione is extremely realistic.

Your portrayal of them is spot on and the interaction between them is truly believable.

This is in fact, exactly, how I would have imagined Snape and Hermione interact. Snape is conflicted and dark, Hermione is almost ADHD. The combination is perfect.

Now, what only 4 out of 5 stars - and not 5 out of 5 stars? Let me explain.

I would have loved to see the Snape and Hermione sexual tension building up a lot sooner than after the first some 20 chapters.

I would have loved to see the Snape and Hermione kiss happen earlier than chapter 42.

I would have loved to see more plot, because quite frankly, the Ever Angry Harry is a bit tiresome. The idea for the Final Battle at the Ball came quite out of the blue - you could have worked a bit more on that.

I would have loved to see more about the Affinity between Snape and Hermione. I frankly imagined them having their first sex and she would perform the Ritual on his Dark Mark while having sex and due to the Affinity they would perhaps finish off not all the Death Eaters but the Voldemors himself. Oh well.

The Epilogue was quite cute, especially Year 20.

You story is the most reviewed in SSHG fandom ever, and yet the most reviewed dosen’t always mean the best.

All in all its’ a very succesful and quite well-written SSHG story.

I see that you have moved to other genres and even perhaps moved on from writing fan fiction.

I hope hat one day you will become a real author. Because you have real talent.

May the light and wisdom be always on your journey.
5/20 c1 Pirate-longhorn-lady
20 years?! Ugh
5/19 c1 24XxRebelWriterxX
I thought Denial would forever be my favorite Severus/Hermione story, but then I found yours. I'm in love with this. It was raw, beautiful and engaging. I wish I could find the right words to express how much I enjoyed this journey. Brilliant job! I'll definitely be returning to this story in the future.
5/18 c52 MiLaguna
Such a well done story! Although, killer slow burn. I don't want to post any kind of spoilers so I'll just say a couple of things that won't ruin anything.
I loved the "ear positioning" to better connect with the elves. It makes a big difference for an "outsider" to at least try to learn/show respect for another language/culture.
I was almost expecting (hoping?) for Severus to get wrapped in the sheet crafted for him while they were in the final confrontation to help protect him from. . . idk, death? spell damage?
Btw - shout out to Narcissa for saying enough of the bs. I love when she's portrayed as a level headed, strong woman (even if it is just a cameo) instead of a psycho like Bellatrix.
Oh! And Moody definitely deserved Hermione's wrath! I was bursting with laughter.

Thank you for staying the course and actually finishing this amazing work. I have come across some GREAT stories that suck me in just to get to like chapter 18 or 25 to read an author's note stating that they've decided to abandon the story (or in a some cases no note, just reviewers begging for an update). Talk about ripping my heart out!
Anyway! Again, great job!
5/15 c6 Guest
So it’s basically about Hermione getting obsessed with Snape gradually, isn’t it?
5/15 c45 3ReeMaria
I laughed at your comment about your blurry eyed readers! Because I’ve Ben reading this before bed each night for a...few nights now and have claimed insomnia at work because I end up staying up WAY too late reading! it jut sucks me right in and I love it!
5/12 c44 Slow Burn
42 chapters. 42 chapters your loyal readers have to wait to get a kiss between Hermione and Snape.

Well, some sort of kiss, anyway - I’d say we still have The Kiss to look forward to.

42 chapters.

But hell, it was worth it!

That’s one hell of a Slow Burn. Or a foreplay.

You are amazing!
5/14 c52 CelestialAmethyst
My first ship, and the one I always gravitate towards first, is for Draco & Hermione. Something about the sexy bad boy being redeemed through the love of a good, pure hearted woman just calls to me. That being said, I’ve recently jumped on the Snamione/Sevmiome/Snanger ship. Perhaps me growing older has matured my tastes in relationships - though fictional only. My own love life is a sad state of affairs. Anyways, I stumbled upon this fic through a recommended reading list and I can’t say I was disappointed. This was by far the best fanfic I have ever read, across all the ships in the Harry Potter fandom. Such a beautiful and well crafted story. I loved everything about it. Thank you for not giving up on this fic and for all the authors notes that made me chuckle. This will definitely be a story i will come back to read time and again. Hope you’re well and doing great things.
5/7 c29 Love of Angels
YES! And finally - here is the Very Important Chapter - Hermione has finally admitted to herself that she has a crush on Snape.


I love you! Best. SSGH Fanfic. Ever.
5/2 c52 Guest
Read a lot of this story many years ago before it was finished.
Just read the whole thing. Good story.
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