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9/2 c52 tRAWRasaurusRex
Oh. My. God. I know it took you years to write it but it only took me a week to positively devour your whole story. You are a master linguist and storyteller. I've never read Hermione/Snape before but this was beautiful. You had me laughing, crying, sometimes both in the same chapter! I wish I had discovered fanfiction earlier. Thank you so much. I do want to know, however, do Hermione and Snape have backlash in the wizarding world for their relationship? Do they have children? Etc etc. I need an epilogue to the epilogue! Lol
9/2 c52 glustora
Ahh, I remember reading this years ago as a teenager, I didn't I manage to finish it completely, but I got close (this is a huge fic!) It brings back cozy memories! An absolutely stunning fic that had me enraptured for the whole week I was reading it over again. Beautifully worded and so well thought out. the plot was a wild ride and I'm glad I got to be a part of snape and hermione's slow fall into love. Rereading this as an adult now was somehow different, and quite the enjoyable experience. Thanks you so, so very much for this story and puring your heart into this little world you created!
8/31 c3 yeah
this is not an army, releasing poisionus gas is not a good way of teaching things to minors, the kid is the heir of house longbottom and in that class the chosen one is there as well, one interview with daily prophet and there will be a manhunt after snape. If someone can can symptaize with this sack of waste ı dont know what you think and as an extra bulling the kid that was orphaned because of you is an act most disgusting that ı believe takes all the remaning forgiveness from me...make it two kids actually nevilles parents were targetted due to proph. werent they?
9/2 c52 Nerdlee
This is a story that I found years ago and thought I had finished. With a hurricane off my coast, I found I was bored and had this still downloaded. To my delight, I had not read it all. I am as thrilled with your writing and unique take on the verse as I originally was. I would go so far to say that I vastly enjoyed your solution to o JK’s disappointing finale. Much more poignant and thought out.

Thank you for sharing your mind. It was a pleasure to see your word paint!

- Mia
9/1 c52 1Itack23
This story is the very first fanfiction I've ever read (thank you Bob Lennon, a french streamer, who spoke of it). Since then, years have passed, I read a whole lot of others stories.
I decided today I needed to at least do a little something for those stories and those who wrote them and finally created an account to fav and review.
And to say thank you for making me discover fanfictions!
8/27 c52 LeoESerpens
Thank you for your amazing work! This fic is so well written, and the pacing is absolutely perfect. I enjoyed reading this so much!
8/26 c52 6ardsmair
this was such a good and intense Ride! Thank you! oh and by the way, the Moment Dumbledore meddled with the Sheets? i really started to hate the old codger!
8/26 c51 ardsmair
usually i save my review for the end of a Story. but this time i have to! "Beat". that one word got me. with this word i started crying. and let me tell you, your solution of love conquers hate is a Million times better (and more logical) than that idea of Mrs Rowling!
8/25 c52 Ninamaria429
This was an absolutely beautiful storyline. I told my husband that I love how this went much better than canon. It felt more natural.
8/25 c52 EvanescoVeritas
Fabulous story! Thanks so much for writing!
8/15 c52 Guest
This was absolutely beautiful and brilliant.
Well worth the read
8/17 c52 1Narami
So this is probably the 7th or maybe 8th time I have read this fanfic. I am not sure as I once downloaded it onto my kindle plus ffnet doesn't keep track of how many times you open a fic. But nevertheless, I definitely have read it that many times. It is my go to comfort fic a lot of times. Some scenes come up in my brain from time to time which makes me want to re-read them. This time it was the scene where Hermione defends Agnes in the library. Always loved that scene. The other one sometimes is the scene with Hermione and Severus on the top of the staircase just after she realizes that he is going to die. I just feel that you heavily story driven fic has perfect amount of romance, satisfyingly slow-burn, truly well developed and it has one of the best OCs: Rink. Bless his heart. Thank you as always for writing this!
8/9 c52 1BlackRyuji
I'm so happy over here it's hard to believe. Thanks for this lovely story 3
8/9 c51 BlackRyuji
Ghhhh, sooo good.
8/9 c49 BlackRyuji
Oh, yes, definitely on the breathlessly aroused side of things. Also a strong "Damn, don't you dare die" feeling, yes.
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