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for Hermione's Summer

5/18/2001 c1 CYossarain
I see you are getting very close to 200 go you :-), it is a grreat story I am happy that Ron wins in the end
5/17/2001 c11 the theoretical gutter
all in all, that's a great fic. even if i'm a determined h/h shipper. screw that for a while, i love this story! and i like the ending too, it's cool. write another story? please?
5/17/2001 c5 jewel
okay I am confused on how I want the story to turn out. I really like the whole George and Hermione thing going on. It's sweet. But I also feel sorry because Ron just made a truce with her. Anyway I am going to love however it turns out so please please continoe.
5/17/2001 c4 jewel
Oh my gosh, this is so good. I love how Fred and George are helping out Hermione. It's so cute! I love this fan fic. It is really good do keep on writing.
5/15/2001 c11 CYossarain
That was so good kristen I just finished reading it...it is 10:30 I am at the office and I would have left earlier but your stroy kept me here, anyhoo I hope your trip is going well, talk to you later

5/15/2001 c11 Elyssa
Booo! I have Viktor to win! Hiss!
5/13/2001 c11 Danielle
NOOOO! It was supposed to be Hermione and George! Well, now you'll just have to write an alternate ending. Or another story altogether :) Great story though
5/12/2001 c11 ReGina
This was such a wonderful story and I really liked the ending. It just got better and better. You really should write more...
5/11/2001 c2 jewel
that was so good. I really hope that Hermione does end up with Ron. He is the coolest. I also like Fred and George.

Well anyway, keep on writing it's really good
5/11/2001 c11 Atalanta Zora
Damn you! Write more or i swear i'll- well this is a mad story! DO NOT end it there, cant you just pretend that you didnt write an epilogue, or, or,or maybe u can write an epilogue to this epilogue...please!


Atalanta Zora
5/11/2001 c11 Zandra
The best Ron and Hermione fic ever! I never thought of George and Hermione. Hmmmm. I really liked how everything worked out. I was just as JK would have written it I think. Except maybe your's was better. Your characters were so natural and right and Fred & George's (My two fav characters!) antics were perfect. I think r/h is destined. Anyway, I loved your story.
5/11/2001 c7 CYossarain
I really like it, there was no reason for you to worry:-) it is really good. I would finish it now, but I really need to sleep. I have to be up in four hours, big day...sigh
5/8/2001 c11 Carly
what a great story! i loved every min. of it! they were not OOC and it was just wonderfully written~! beautiful work!
5/8/2001 c11 Herm
It was a great story, but I would have really loved it to end up Herm/George...you should write one about them.
5/8/2001 c11 Kitty
Excellant! I think it turned out better that she ended up with ron instead of George! I loved this fic soooo much! I checked it every day just to see if you had added the next chapter yet! Really good job!
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