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3/15/2001 c1 5Mabel
Good language & portrayal of Viktor. This is exactly what I think of him after reading GoF - gentleman-like, caring, passionate, protective, and shy. Some readers don't like him simply because he's duck-footed and not good-looking enough & that isn't fair. I believe our favourite character Hermione wouldn't just go for looks either. Though the official HP books haven't given explanation as to why he looks so sulky most of the time, I assume that he has a troubled past or isn't as lucky as Herm or Ron who grow up in happy & carefree families. I'd think that Viktor & Narcissa are alike. Now back to your story, I like the part where Viktor gave Herm the precious ring & relieved her pressure by saying it was ok for him if they turned out to be friends only. That gives me a feeling that Viktor can be quite self-sacrificing & noble. So, no matter whom Herm ends up with, please don't turn Viktor evil, bad or hateful, or that would ruin the excellent Ch.1 you've written & break my heart. I'm looking forward to seeing Ron in the next part.
3/15/2001 c2 Neo
I don't really get why Ron is mad (never got around to reading GoF) but otherwise its good. I think you should have her hook up with George or something, Ron is such a jerk! Were they dating or something in the book? I don't think he has the right to be that mad, just b/c of her boyfriend! (Who she doesn't seem to really like) Anyway, good story!
3/15/2001 c2 Kacella
I, the self-proclaimed Queen of the World (or at least bits and pieces), found your story soooooooooooo good! Write more! I command you- write more! Uh... yeah sorry, that happens sometimes...
3/15/2001 c2 HGW
I can't wait for the next chapter! How did you get this up so fast? This story is so good. Poor hurt Ron, what a horrible way to find out. Poor Hermione, I bet she's really confused. GREAT!
3/14/2001 c2 15college girl
Poor Hermione! Good story though, please keep writing:)
3/14/2001 c2 2Empress Jade
Okay, well, when I revied the first time I didn't realize that there was a second chapter, but all the comments still hold true. Good dialogue by the way but would you make a new paragraph when a second person talks? (eg the last paragraph). Ron seemed a little out of character, too emotional mostly. Maybe adding Harry in would make things easier (!). Sadly, I can tell it's going to be R/H, I'm an H/H person, but I really like this story! Write more soon!
3/14/2001 c1 Empress Jade
Really well written with good ideas and not too short, nice and descriptive. Hermione and Krum seemed in character and his accent was well duplicated. Good grammer. Please say that she WON'T convince herself that she's in love with Viktor, that would just be too wrong (personal views). Please write the next chapter soon, this is going to be a great series!
3/14/2001 c1 hgweasley
you're the first author to make me want Viktor to have a chance :)
3/14/2001 c1 HGW
Good start! I an't wait for the next chapter! I'm not really a V/H fan but I really liked how sweet this was. Bye, I gotta go add you to author alert...
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