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2/12/2005 c11 3GinaBoBina06
This story was awesome :) I read it all in one sitting lol. ~Gina
2/10/2005 c11 hermionie
i usually only read D/her. but this one was a great r/her. i loved how she got together w/ george. i would of never imagined
1/6/2005 c11 3emes
your story is amazing... i love it!
12/27/2004 c2 2all.systems.go
omg! those first two were so sad! oh i loved them!
11/16/2004 c11 Lathena Mercion
wow this is a very good first fanfiction. It was really good i just couldnt stop reading. GEORGE! then Ron is was all very wow and yikes and very good. (you do read to profread a little more carefully but im only saying that because there is a note saying critiques should be well rounded so im streching so be very happy with your well rounded critique-it is the most rewarding tool for a writer:D)
11/7/2004 c11 DraginLover
very cute story but i have to say one thing... the whole thing with Hermione not knowing Ron liked her was believable up until he kissed her and she thought that he hated her. I'm sorry but any girl wouldn't htink oh great he hates me if he kissed her like that shed be going OMG he likes! OMG i think i like him kinda mushy shit ya know? besides that, i LovEd it! hopefully sometime this week i'll get to read some more of your stories... saw one that said Hermione/Sirius coupling.. dont know if i'll read it just seems... weird i mean i always think of things like Sirius/Remus or Sirius/OC or (ilovethisone) Hermione/Snape i think i should read just for interest sakes! lol ok i'm done babling like i've known you for years!

10/19/2004 c11 1Calixte Ammonian
Since I read your other two stories and LOVED them,(even though one isnt completed yet *cough*update*cough*) I figured I would read this one too as I patiently awaited for the end of ANFSCD. hehe. This one is pretty good, even though Im more of a Hermione/Draco person.
8/31/2004 c11 17lilblueangel1223
lol i like your fanfic. Normally I don't go reading Hermione and Ron, but ... this one was pretty good. Lol, good job! I loveD it
8/19/2004 c11 Sarah
wow. this story is really amazing! i really love it! although, to be honest i was hoping it would be a hermione/george fic, but i think it is perfect as a herm/ron. great job! i cant wait to read your other stories!

8/15/2004 c7 Elodie
Nice story, well written, with interesting switches and surprises! I really like the way Hermione changes her mind, I sometimes feel the same and I think most of the time feelings are linked to circumstances and people you happen to spend time with...

But I just wanted to say the chicken soup idea is brilliant!
7/30/2004 c11 QueEnfullofDraMa
YAY! I love it! That was awesome! Your stories are so kool! You should keep on writing! I enjoy all of your stories! ;-)
7/28/2004 c11 Jacqueline
It took me about two days to to read this... Lol, I was so confused. But it turned out great. This was great story, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It was so sweet. Keep up the great work. :D
7/25/2004 c1 2all.systems.go
I LOVE YOUR STORIES! i've finished reading "Their Room" and i can't wait to read the rest of this! good stuff! chow,

6/30/2004 c11 Alla Rockwell
It was great! I wish there was sequal though!
6/28/2004 c11 3Fudge72AH
Well after enjoying Their Room so much I just had to read another one of you stories...and again I loved it! I think your style is just fantastic :)

Fudge x
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