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6/24/2004 c11 17Lolly6
It's a great story, really touching and passionate just like you'd expect a Hermione/Ron story to be like. i was a bit confused to begin with with the George/Hermioneness especially since it kind of worked in a nice way.

I love your stuff, i've just finsihed reading Their Room earlier as well adn that was great.

Hope to read more of your stuff soon as well

6/10/2004 c11 1whimsyWonder
This was great! I really love your fics. Keep Writin!
5/23/2004 c11 smileyspiritprincess
AW! this is so sweet and fluffy and gorgeous and splendifferous and magnificant and wonderful and *ten minutes later* ...superb and brilliant and amazing!
now thats outa my system.
I'm glad she split with Krum I'm not "Vicky" fan lol
felt very sorry for george but gr8 that he had a gf in da end and...
YAY! aaw bless i felt so sorry for him, poor thing all confusled.
anyway, amazing fic.
ps feel free to read my fics :P cheap shot i know.
4/11/2004 c1 loonylenny
Ah! I LOVE IT! You and this fic will be in my fav lists NOW! :D
3/15/2004 c11 Rizz
absolutely lurved it.
3/5/2004 c11 s.r.k
ok, i'm done and i love it, i was a little upset when she didn't get together w/ george, but i don't think it would have been as great as it was if she had.
thanks and i love ur writing,
3/5/2004 c5 s.r.k
i love this story, i'v read your other ones and you are an amazing writer! I really wanted to finish this (i'm on chapter 5 now) but i had to tell you how much i love this!
1/20/2004 c11 1Mel B
Hey there!
Just read your fic today! I loved it! You have officially turned me into a Hermione/George shipper! :D I loved all of the fic even the bits with Krum. Im not much of a Hermione/Ron shipper so I didnt care for the ending. Im a Draco/Hermione shipper and now a Hermione/george shipper. It ws still a really well written fic and I LOVED IT! Especially the Hermione/George stuff! hehe!
Anyway I hope you write more Hermione/George
Love ya
1/6/2004 c11 HPFanNikkie
Great story...just as good as your DM/HG ficcie. i loved how you kept her so confused. lol. keep writing stories...cuz ur good at it.
12/27/2003 c11 Stina
I just love happy endings. This story was a great read and I read it all in one sitting. Definitely something I'll remember when I'm bored and chuckle at.
12/27/2003 c10 Stina
12/27/2003 c9 Stina
O this chapter is my favorite so far.
12/27/2003 c8 Stina
Well, having Viktor out of the picture was foreseen as inevitable.
By me, at least.
I'm rooting for Ron.
12/27/2003 c6 Stina
A love quadrilateral! Or something... Eh I hope you like getting mucho reviews.
12/26/2003 c5 Stina
!I was beaming at that part when Ron forgave Hermione, and then George had to ruin it all again... Agh. But that was a great romance scene right there w/ the kissing against the wall. I bet this story's not going to be nearly as terrific as Their Room, because that's a classic, but it's great just the same and it's only chapter 5!
More reviews undoubtedly to come.
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