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for Shadow Hearts: Spirit of Time

11/28/2005 c1 14Laifan
Oh I love this story! When will you update it? I'm dying to know what's going to happen. Please write more :)
5/27/2005 c4 7kingleby
lol, for some reason i love the name Nathan ^_^ bless him, giving her his coat ^_^
5/27/2005 c3 kingleby
bless, that last part was so touching and cute ^_^ gotta love Rena for saving him!
5/27/2005 c2 kingleby
whoa! i loved the battle scene! and its great how Rena helped him out, bless her.^_^
5/24/2005 c1 kingleby
whoa, you have yuri's character down perfectly! ^_^
4/24/2005 c4 3Janchanb
Heya! Love the chapter! Very good! Great! Terrific! and any other word that means good, I just can't think of anymore at the moment... maybe it's the lack of caffine in my system. I can't wait until you post the next chapter. It's getting really interesting! And I can't wait until you introduce Ryuichi into the story. That should be some fun!

Anyhoo, I'm having the most ridiculous time trying to type. My brain is moving faster than my fingers can type, so there's a lot of back tracking going on and i'm getting tired of it.


4/7/2005 c3 1cloudfightback
Cool story!
4/1/2005 c3 3Janchanb
Hey chickie! FINALLY finished reading your story. Took me longer than I thought with work and all that stupid crap. Be glad you still go to school. Anyhoo, I loved the story and I even got Trey interested in it as well...but only the gods know when she'll actually get around to reading it.

Talk to you later!

3/23/2005 c1 43Jackie Almasy
This is interesting O_O Very interesting. I'm looking foreword to more!
3/22/2005 c3 1TyneBytes
3/18/2005 c2 kevin
that's was a great fanfic cept for the fact that i don't know about shadowhearts that much and i just recently started playing 2 which is by far one of the greatest rpgs. please contuine making more
3/14/2005 c2 3Janchanb
Good chapter chickie! And a GREAT place to leave it off. Can't wait until the next chapter!

3/9/2005 c1 2Eolande
Hello my dear ARK!

Listen, this is sort of random, but I looked for that flame that you sent that girl and I couldn't find it. Wanna show it to me tomorrow? And is this the story I'm in or not? I can never remember... Anyway, it's got some spelling and grammar errors (pact, on pack) but of all your stories this is my favourite. It's the most original.


Eolande (or you-know-who...)
3/8/2005 c1 3Janchanb
I didn't even know you were writing a Shadow Hearts game! It's good bye the way, I liked it very much. Hope to read more soon!



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