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12/15/2009 c9 emopufferfish
more pwease , ur gawsome!

ps:maybe you could do a crack Elysa diary
12/29/2006 c9 16foxy crimefighta
LMAO, this is fantastic! xDD;

i wish you would continue it, though .. ;-;

is that weekend chapter ever going to come?

or your other 'this week' diaries?

it's been more than a year & a half. D:

& if i could, i would totally favorite this.

*alerts* damn that 150-limit.

how in hell are we supposed to choose only 150?
7/30/2006 c9 1RedSheet
Is this it? The end? This was definitely one of the best fics I've read. Ed's and Roy's diaries were definitely best and funniest but the rest was great too. Good work!
7/30/2006 c8 RedSheet
All-knowing Maes is adorable. And so is this fanfic
7/30/2006 c7 RedSheet
Actually, it looks like Armstrong is not that bad in psychoanalyzing people. I love this fic. I just knew it was Pinako. Really! Oh, and I survived Armstrong's diary. This means I can read Al's now.
7/30/2006 c6 RedSheet
Riza's so evil. Very nice chapter. I love the way events in HQ get explained and how are they connected to each other. Yay! RoyEd thing! Can't wait to read Armstrong's diary. (but is it safe? I mean, will I still be alive after reading it?)
7/30/2006 c5 RedSheet
"This is getting ridiculous." LOL.

This one was so cute. And sweet. And cute. And funny.
7/30/2006 c4 RedSheet
Roy's such a pervert. Poor Havoc, poor Fury and poor Ed, you sure know why.
7/30/2006 c3 RedSheet
He heh. Nice. Still I think Ed's diary is better. But it's just me. Oh, and the mystery of Envy's "transgender complex" has been finally solved.

Have I mentioned Envy is one of my favourite characters?
7/30/2006 c2 RedSheet
"Ow! I just got a sparkle in my eye!" Yeah, me too. This is pure genius, and Sparky... (writing and laughing at the same time is pretty damn hard)
7/30/2006 c1 RedSheet
OMG! Hilarious! Great! You're a genius! Now, to the next cha- I mean diary ;p LOL
7/13/2006 c5 14LittleTwoLegs
you got that from Tito off of Oliver and Company! I know i am supposed to be all grown up and stuff but i still love that movie! Tito is my fave!
5/3/2006 c9 10Shizzy92
Who next?
2/12/2006 c3 4twistingbluex
.:takes moment to calm self:.




.:bursts out laughing again:.

This one's my favorite. Al's and Ed's ones come close, as does Armstrong's, but this one is just so...So...Envy.

I can so see him all sulky-like through most of this chapter. The underlying jealously is so very tasty :D

Greed has a harem? Why does that not surprise me?

.:lightbulb:. Can we have a chapter from one of the rat's POV?

I've got the feeling that I've used too many paragraphs in this :P Ah well.

12/5/2005 c9 3NavyJokerAce

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