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3/25/2005 c6 31PinkStarz
Riza's so crazy...Hahaha, I wonder if her plan will ever work. Short shorts...*shudder* And who is this girl that Armstrong is in love with? Dude.
3/25/2005 c6 mhnomi
keep updating! ^_^

the scary thing about that chapter is that i can actually imagine Riza naming her gun... -_-;;
3/25/2005 c6 34Anime Monster
*thinks of ways to persuade for a second week* *Godzilla look alike in a string bikini* *outraged* THAT'S JUST WRONG! *GLA (Godzilla Look Alike) in a thong* *same reaction as previous* *normal outfit, black jeans and a Pulp Fiction tee* I'm going about this the wrong way. *GLA in a butcher's outfit that looks like it came out of a very scary, gory, slasher movie, shows very sharp teeth* *smiles, evily* I think I've found my calling.

Anyways, I love these. I love Psycho Riza, she's insane *sweatdrops* that's what psycho means. I wonder who's Armstorng's secret sweetheart. And to think Sparkles is the only one, other than Psycho herself, that is straight. Oh, are you going to do the other sins (Fuhrer Bradley included) or Winry's?

Anyways, update soon.

Anime Monster
3/24/2005 c6 1Kumori Uta
MWAHAH..so funny. I adore what you write. For being a damn good writer I reward you the evil poptart and his army of sprinkles for you to...err..well control. :)
3/24/2005 c6 9soulisgone
lol This is very funny. I couldn't stop saying aww at the Havoc and Fuery ones. And I was lmao at Roy's this is just soo cool. Update soon please! Ja ne!
3/24/2005 c6 66kori hime
Yes, coherency is highly overrated. And so is spelling because I spelled 'coherent' wrong. It was more I typed it wrong but yeah... All so overrated... -.-; That diary kinda rocked.

Now I'm scared to see what's in Armstrong's journal but intrigued to find out who the 'she' is. Unless it's already been said and I don't remember. My memory is lacking, heck, I hardly remember my childhood I'm 15! ; Update soon!
3/24/2005 c5 1angry-kitty
This is so funny. I love reading it. The closet scene is golden.
3/23/2005 c5 1Demon Darkchild
lol! ( i stopped rolling on the floor laughing my ass of when i tied myself to the chair so I wouldn't fall over! ^_^U) I can't wait until you do hawkeye, she's awesome! Oh and do Winry too! Gluttony! (seriously just write a bunch of periods and occasional shouts of B~L~O~O~D! MUAHAHAHAHA!) Stupid people are just hilarious!...oh and Keep up the good work!
3/22/2005 c1 Patsy
omg, a bit odd, but REALLY funny! haha more diary entries!
3/22/2005 c5 34Anime Monster
Are you going to do a second week after you finish the first week. Who's next? Hawkeye? Breda (why he hates animals)? Falman? Armstrong? Al (I know he isn't military, but if Envy can have a diary so can Al)?

Anyways, update soon. (MORE ROY/ED)

Anime Monster
3/21/2005 c5 36Yue-eternal
i love it! Plz continue!
3/21/2005 c5 Shale 101
Hahaha,that`s really really funny!^_^
3/21/2005 c5 2Rage Aomori
Armstrong? Good God, no... My mind... oh, how it smolders! SMOLDERS! AIIE!



Geez... I don't think it'd be very comfortable in a little closet, doncha think?

Envy needs help. Serious help. A good deal of help. And a new mini-skirt.


Curse you. I see... Pins. And fish sticks. Don't forget the fish-sticks.

HAWKEYE! HA! *cackles madly*
3/21/2005 c5 Kallia
...my god, I am SO glad I decided to finish that tea before reading all of these. Otherwise it would be on the keyboard. Liquid+keyboard=problems. (Admission:Kal giggled the whole way through this.) Poor Fury though, with the scratched lenses. At least it didn't happen with contacts, THAT is a painful experience!

My inner fangirl loves you. She is very extremely happy right now and particularly enjoyed #4 and #5.

-Kal, and the aforementioned happy inner fangirl.
3/20/2005 c5 6The Plushie Bandit
SMB- Yay! I love Cain Fury!

Roy- *sarcastically* And we call her obessed... What were we thinking?

Havoc- *twitch* Why can't you fall for Roy?... or Ed?... or ENVY? Leave my Fury alone!

SMB- Because Roy's a bastard, Ed's too short, and Envy would kill me in my sleep. Hell, they'd all kill me in my sleep since they hate being in my reviews...

Ed- Ya got that right. And I thought you said Envy can come and go as he pleases... Why IS that?

SMB- Have you SEEN an irritated Envy? I don't want to be the cause of his pissed off mood.

Havoc- So you don't care if we're upset?

SMB- Let me think... NO.

Ed- And I can just feel the love in the room.

Fury- What did you think of my POV?

SMB- I liked it. Didn't know Havoc had muscular shoulders. I might have to star- *takes a good look at Fury* FURY! *glomps*


Roy- She likes to piss everyone off.

Ed- I say we get a petition and abandon her sorry ass.

SMB- *climbs off Fury* Do I smell mutiny?

Fury- *looks surprised* We're on a ship? Oh! We'll get to see fish!

Havoc- umm... Fury... Honey... can we focus a bit?

Fury- *smiles* Okay.

SMB- CUTE! *gets ready to glomp*

Havoc- *glares* Glomp him and die.

SMB- *pouts* You guys are no fun!

Roy- *thinks* Where were we?... Oh yes! *turns to SMB* We refuse to be in any of your reviews anymore, and there is nothing you can do! *sticks his tongue out at her*

SMB- Okay.

Ed- Don't argue with u- Huh?

Havoc- You're not gonna protest?

SMB- Nope.

Fury- *surprised* You're handling this very well.

SMB- Of course. I just need Roy to sign this paper stating that you guys are free to go. *Hands paper to Roy*

Roy- Oh. *signs paper without reading it... Hehehhe...*


Roy- *puzzled* What?

SMB- *smirks* Let me read it for you guys. *starts reading* "I, Colonel Roy Mustang, do hereby give SunkisMB aka The Plushie Bandit the right to use my subordinates and the rest of the Full Metal Alchemist cast in all her reviews because she's the re incarnation of God and I'm nothing more than a lowly dog of the military."

Havoc- I don't know why I follow you sometimes, Taisa... I at least ATTEMPT to read my paperwork!

Ed- You'd think he'd learn after he almost signed me off to Envy! (That was in another review. If you can't tell, all my reviews are connected. I have no life.)

Roy- *embarrassed*

SMB- *has on a turd-eating grin* Well gentlemen... I just leave you with your Colonel for a while. Be happy I'm in a gracious mood and letting this review die early! *whistles while she walks away*

Hehehehehe... Yeah, I know they're not mine. Sue me. All you'll get is a dime... Okay a nickel... *looks at wallet and moths come out of it* Err... Anyways!:P Here's a OH SO CUTE Fury Plushie (DAMNIT I'M NOT OBBESSED!). He keeps Havoc from smoking, but you'll get a crap load of animals at your door. Hope you got animal food. ^_^ Will you do a Hughes diary! I think that one would rock, along with Mr. Sparkles... *shudder*

*hears screaming in the backround*

*SMB shakes her head* Roy isn't the the brightest lightbulb in the drawer... Did I say that right? Oh well. O... *sees something at the bottom of review* I spy with my bloodshot eye, a 'Add author to my Favorite Authors list' button! *grins* Update soon! Your stories keep me alive! Ja ne!^_^
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