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11/14/2005 c1 6kee-tay
10/27/2005 c5 wellduh
'“My dear Fury, you must throw off the shackles of shyness and inhibition and free yourself to experience life as you were meant to: as a man! Be not afraid to speak your mind, for there is no greater evil than to repress one’s true self. If you have feelings you wish to express (coughahemforhavoccough) then it is your natural right and duty to do so ()! To do this you must get in touch with your feelings () using a technique that has been in the Armstrong family for generations: keeping a diary!”'

That is awesome. I couldn't possibly write Armstrong that well.

Also: Armstrong/Pinako= OTP! Yay, FMA crack pairing!
10/27/2005 c9 wellduh
'Maybe I can convince Ed we need to go back to Auntie Pinako’s and have Winry do it. It would be nice to see her, and she could get all those hard to reach places.

I really like it when Winry cleans my armor.'

Al really can get away with anything.
10/27/2005 c4 wellduh
'Was forced to run back to office and break radio before Fury figured out that it was all just a ploy to get him into my office.'


Also, 'Uh-oh. I think one of the snakes just ate Ed.'

XD Have you read recent chapters of the manga?
10/27/2005 c3 wellduh
Envy's diary= LOFF.
10/27/2005 c1 wellduh

(And drat, you're good at humour, too.)
9/27/2005 c9 Winry the Alchemist
Yes, I already reviewed this, but I just had to tell you how much I loved it again! It's hilarious, and you need to write more! Have you abandoned it or something?

By the way, did you review my story as Kim? If you did, I just wanted to know, and if you didn't, sorry for bothering you. ^_^

But if you did, please tell me. Please tell me.
8/21/2005 c9 4hellfire014

8/10/2005 c8 5Vive Lyf
Ah yes, 'bout time someone praised Elysia for being the great con-artist she is...
7/25/2005 c9 3Disco-Dancing on the Roof
I think you did a great job with Al. ^^ Very fun to read.
7/25/2005 c7 Disco-Dancing on the Roof
Shit, I skipped this one the first time!

...I shouldn't have come back and read it, though. Will now be scarred for life...

*twitches* Armstrong. Pinako.
7/25/2005 c8 Disco-Dancing on the Roof
Elysia's so cute. ^^ And I love it when Hughes goes into "Dad-mode"... which is pretty much always. So I guess I just love Maes.

And Roy.

And Ed.

...but not together.

Though they would make a very sexy threesome...

I gotta stop reading smut.
7/25/2005 c6 Disco-Dancing on the Roof
I thought Riza's diary was kick-ass. It sounded very Hawkeye-ish to me.

But, then again, I am easily satisfied, so you never know.
7/25/2005 c5 Disco-Dancing on the Roof
*snorts* Poor Ed-the-rat. But the funeral bit was funny... thus the snort... I snort a lot... I don't have one of those cool tinkly laughs...

Actually, those kinds of laughs annoy me. I am proud to be a snorter instead!
7/25/2005 c4 Disco-Dancing on the Roof
*shudders again* (What's up with the shuddering?) Snakes... I hate snakes.
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