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4/24/2005 c9 51Aseret Kitsune
great job doing Al! wonder whos going to be next? Falman's would be funny. so would Winry's. the other sins diaries would be funny too. update soon please!
4/24/2005 c9 43Chaos of Hearts
Where'd the funny go?

I mean yeah, this was kinda funny, 'specially the part where Al was the only one who noticed Envy and stuff, but it didn't make me laugh as much as the other ones have.

Then again, Al's not psychotic like the rest of the cast. I imagine it's pretty hard to make someone non-psychotic as funny as someone psychotic. But you updated ^_^ so I don't mind. It's still good. Bye.
4/24/2005 c9 Linwe Jaganshi
Oh, sensing some Winry/Al hints. Although they may be one sided. You MOST DEFINATLY must bring up some more Roy/Ed stuff, who doesn't love men in denial?

The whole Pinako/Armstrong relationship is sorta creepy and I get the feeling, slightly X-rated, which is worse, lol.
4/23/2005 c9 Gerbil X
Yay, update! Well anyway, great chapter, this story's hilarious(SP?)!
4/23/2005 c9 34Anime Monster
*dies laughing* Muse: Ah...you killed her. *Anime Monster springs back to life.* Muse: I was wrong, she is alive. Anime Monster: Alphonse is always in the dark. Pins and sparkles, at least it isn't the crack pairing I read the other day, takes the cake, (Armstrong's sparklesXMetal-Al)! That one is right of with ArmstrongXPinako.

I hope you do the other sins (though Gluttony's would be a bunch of drooling and eating, unless he was secretly the smartest of them all).

Update soon.

Anime Monster
4/22/2005 c9 11Harada Risa
Strip poker? xDD You should do Lust next..
4/22/2005 c9 15lilnitenurse
Thank you! *hugs* That was great, as per your usual! So, where on Al DID Ed's automail arm wind up? The strip poker part was funny! They could've had poor Al take off his armour parts when he loses. I'm looking forward to see what Envy'll do as AL!
4/22/2005 c9 no name
Yaay! Al's diary! thankies times 10!

Poor Al though, being ignored and all good thing Winry's there. and yeah al is kind of a little ooc but who cares? OOC-ness is fun!
4/22/2005 c9 5Dominus
Haha, I hope it doesn't for awhile! I'm still reading the Maes chapter it's so freaking funny. Gosh, Maes is like my brother. He'll just sit there and start talking and I /swear/ if you look the other way and talk to someone else he'll STILL be talking. XD

Ooh, Schieszka (or whatever) would be fun. Actually, I'd feel pretty horrible to have Hughes as my boss. He's like the boss from hell.
4/22/2005 c9 Shale 101
Great^_^So...Who`s next?Greed?Lust?Hm?
4/21/2005 c9 7Uber Flare
Whoo! Finally! That was awesome!

Yeah, Al's diary was a lot different from everyone else's because you could see his consideration and kindness and stuff. It was cool. Also, this one was longer. Which rocks.

"Lust said she wanted some “alone time” with some blond-haired body builder she’d picked up somewhere..." :o

4/21/2005 c9 36Yue-eternal
Very well done! Hope you update!
4/21/2005 c9 pbluver
okay, i really like this, its very funny.
4/21/2005 c9 15Phishy Chan
Aww...Sweet, sweet Al! This was such an enjoyable chapter. Al seemed so disoriented and mellow and NORMAL.

That's different.

For once the tone is mellow, and that's a good. We need variety. ANd it's better that it's Al, because it seems much more fitting. =D

AlWin! Yay! X3
4/21/2005 c9 21Shingo-sama
okay, the Sparkle thing in Armstrong scared me.

But i'm fine now.


nn Love this! update soon!
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