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for A Merciless Affection

10/9/2020 c1 2QuarantineBlues
I've been reading HP fanfiction for 15 years and left about as many reviews in all that time. I'm going back to stories I read years ago - including this one - and leaving the reviews I should have left long ago.

The fact that I remembered this story, by title, more than a decade after reading it, should be high praise - I mean it that way. You are really an effective writer, with the ability to fully flesh-out a character and describe a scene. In fact, this is the story that, many years ago, convinced me an OFC could work, and gave me the confidence to try my hand at creating one myself.

I don't love everything that happens in A Merciless Affection, but I still loved the story and appreciate your craft. Thank you for sharing this with us.
8/25/2020 c23 Mindywobbles
I am very much enjoying your characterization of Snape, such a well thought out portrayal of his relationship having come from a damaged background. I am loving the psychology behind it all and the chance to get inside his head. Sarah is a very richly developed character.
7/21/2020 c47 anjijenshi
I remember on Pottermore that he use to teach Muggle Studies.

1988: He teaches Muggle Studies,
1989: His year off
1990: Quirrell as teacher
1991: Quirrelmort as teacher.
5/29/2020 c16 1The L. MMonster
A second review for the previous chapter:

This was rape, no two-ways about it. Gosh, it tears me up because you are a great writer and I'm so interested. But this is horrific. The marriage... Snape's behavior since nearly the beginning. Minerva's and Albus' behavior. I left you a very scathing, rude review a couple of years ago about it, and it all still holds true for me. But I will keep going now because maybe this can surprise me. Idk.

Maybe I just became more tolerant of the fact that like everything else, 'rape' is a concept whose definition is varied. I'm truly sorry if you ever lived something like what Sarah lived in this chapter. I would call it rape with absolutely no shadow of a doubt; If I were in Sarah's shoes I would murder Snape for it or at least be consumed by such loathing no forgiveness or reconciliation would be possible. I'm so so so angry and this is just dumb fiction.

But I suppose that for you, and by consequence Sarah and Severus, this was not rape. So... Again, you're a very good writer, and I'm sorry for being so negative. This just messes me up. I've read extremely dark stories, with rape, murder, and everything in between. I guess what bothers me here is that it goes unacknowledged. Even Sarah isn't sure if she was raped; but she pleaded him to not do it, she said no, he had to immobilize her. And you put no warnings about it, didn't name it as it is in the beginning or end. That's what bothers me.

But oh well. If my frustration is too great... I just won't read. Two years ago it was. Now...it's up there, but I might be tempted by the good writing.
2/8/2020 c57 chinalatina28
what happened to carpe baculum?
2/7/2020 c42 chinalatina28
"men seldom know their own minds" ain't that the truth!
2/7/2020 c31 chinalatina28
Hahaha Death eater daddy issues! A man like Daddy is very sexy, Freud be damned!
2/7/2020 c29 chinalatina28
Oh my God they are both drama queens
2/7/2020 c28 chinalatina28
She did ask what to expect. He gave her nothing to work with. As a teacher and Death Eater he should have the foresight to prepare her
2/7/2020 c16 chinalatina28
this is really funny to read as a 40-something adult. his snark just would not bother me, and i'd frequently be telling him {playfully} to shut up. I'm glad she is starting to dish it back.

The shouting would bother me, but not initiating sex. did he get her pregnant on purpose? that's nagging at me
9/10/2019 c64 39Setsuna24
I loved this story, found it in a list of fics to read before you die and i concur. It was amazing and Sarah was not Mary sue which I'm so glad about. The only question I have about this is, it wasn't very clear to me why Sarah couldn't get pregnant again, could u explain?
4/22/2019 c64 Guest
Just read this for the 4th time (the 1st was before you had finished it). Really enjoyed it every time. Thank you
11/27/2018 c64 3freedom is the greatest lie
This is the great Fanfiction I have ever read. I never liked a Fanfiction over the original before but your writing is just magic. I thank you for writing such a great Fanfiction that it was able to inspire me to start my own writing. Thank you. And I love this story.
10/14/2018 c64 3LordHadesinTartarus
You are a fantastic writer - but this is a seriously screwed up story. I realize that was your intention and congrats on being Steven King - esque in your creepiness execution
9/8/2018 c64 Guest
Ok so I have spent the last week of my life reading this. I loved the story. Sarah is great. Her romance with Snape is very believable. That being said. I hated the epiologes. I wish you had done 2 final ones like their sons sorting and then a sweet moment or something. Instead they were jumbled and I dont think it was a proper end for such an amazing story.
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