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4/24/2006 c1 Aileen
The last line is great! :P
8/13/2005 c1 2LadytehMa
Nicely done. Captivating, makes you forget you are actually reading the story; as opposed to living it.
5/2/2005 c1 YetAnotherCatgirl
Ooh! I love the use of rain in this chapter!

And the thing I'm going to complain about! Your use of commas! You use them a lot, sometimes where they aren't needed, or are optional. (And if it's optional, I think you shouldn't bother. [that's where I stand, at least. Anyway])

"Then, she met Ichigo." the comma here could go or stay, depending on how immediate you want it to feel. Has she resigned herself to her loveless fate? Or did it just sneak up on her? I think it works better without the comma.

"But, for the past few days, that façade had fallen." This sentence seems overly punctuated. If you read it aloud, it has too many stops.

"Each time, should would", "Each time she was ignored": if you're using a comma with one, you should use a comma with the other one as well. Otherwise it's unbalanced.

(Not a comma error but a nitpick: "… Just as would be her life." you could say "just as her life would be", it's less awkward).

"then it’s just" you could add "ignored" in there, to make it match/complement the previous sentence.

Another nitpick: "Each time, should would": "should" ought to be "she", right?

"such was supposed to hold fact that he would" huh? This sentence confused me.

(and now I feel like a really cruel picky person... If you want me to pick more, then e-mail. Otherwise, I'll drop it.)

Anyway, this story was so sweet! The ending leaves one with the expectation of happiness, which is just as good as actually getting it. (You should write more Bleach stuff, you have skrillz and ideas! (or is it ideaz?)) Great job on writing a story that is fun to read.
4/13/2005 c1 27Tragedy Catalyst
omgad that was so completely marvelous i'm speechless!
3/18/2005 c1 7starfighter48
Absolutely amazing! It was great from beginning to end and I couldn't help but like it. Keep up the good work and I'm out!

3/14/2005 c1 AN
I really liked the angst in this story. The characterization was well done too. Overall, a really good job on this fic.
3/13/2005 c1 2Ringo Nonohara
*speechless* ... wow... that was a really wonderful fic! I had tears in my eyes in that part when Rukia's crying.. I could feel her desperation and also her disapointment that it turned out to be Renji instead... (but Renji's not bad! xD)

Wonderfully written! I love how you incorporated the rain into it and your opening and ending quotes fits perfectly! ^^ Everything just flows and Rukia sounds totally like Rukia, you've written her personally out really well!

Thanks for a wonderul read! Ichiruki forever!
3/11/2005 c1 4Mizura Enoki
I loved the phrase

"Tell her that Ichigo here and everythings gonna be okay. Tell her that I'm taking her home."

I LOVE IT! SO CUTE! anyways... this was a definite improvement from your other fic... a beautiful piece of writing... keep writing more!
3/10/2005 c1 33Chibi Tenshi
This was an absolutely beautiful piece of writing. From the flow to the images that leapt into my mind as a result... and capturing that 'softer' side of Rukia, AH it was perfect. :) What frightens me is that you're saying this isn't as good as your writing should be... but I would LOVE to see anything from you :)
3/9/2005 c1 5BrotillaTheHun
Hrm...that was quite awesome. You did a great job of writing Rukia in the first person and really capturing her somber mood while in jail. The descriptions of her emotions were spot on and really made me feel her emotions...the story was an awesome read. Great dialogue between Renji and Rukia. Very fitting characterizations too. I liked it. Her thoughts on Ichigo were also very well written. Anyway, keep up the good work, I can't wait till your next bleach story.
3/9/2005 c1 KeyQuis
Incredibly well written. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The quotes add a very nice touch to the story too ^_^.

and curses to writer's blocks!
3/9/2005 c1 9Sakura1203
That was really good story. I didn't see any mistakes or anything. But, I was just a little confused on the part before Renji showed up at her cell. I thought Ichigo showed up instead of Renji. Was Rukia daydreaming that it was Ichigo who said “You’re crying? Now, I’ve seen everything!”?

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