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3/2/2016 c6 vivalaraza
Quite jolly and cheerful until the end. No offense but that was a total buzz kill.
2/18/2016 c14 kjsdhfkdsjlfkasdjflk
That's a great ending. Just say yes Raven. :)
2/18/2016 c13 kjsdhfkdsjlfkasdjflk
Wow Raven, just wow. You finally asked BB if he was up for some pranks?
2/18/2016 c12 kjsdhfkdsjlfkasdjflk
Wow, Malchoir sure died so fast.
2/18/2016 c11 kjsdhfkdsjlfkasdjflk
Oh no!
2/18/2016 c10 kjsdhfkdsjlfkasdjflk
Where did Beast Boy go I wonder?... And I just want to strangle Malchoir for some weird reason...
2/18/2016 c9 kjsdhfkdsjlfkasdjflk
Oh boy... Raven better not be mad...
2/18/2016 c8 kjsdhfkdsjlfkasdjflk
I liked this so much! I loved BB's reaction to Raven saying that he's the funniest.
2/18/2016 c7 kjsdhfkdsjlfkasdjflk
Uh oh... Cyborg's payback...
2/18/2016 c6 kjsdhfkdsjlfkasdjflk
Yay! Their love is finally growing!
2/18/2016 c5 kjsdhfkdsjlfkasdjflk
I kind of like short chapters that are updated quickly, I do like longer chapters better as it gives more time for the author to think things through. Another good chapter! It was interesting!
2/18/2016 c4 kjsdhfkdsjlfkasdjflk
Great chapter! That's okay if you can't say reviews in French, sometimes I feel like doing that and then I just realize that no one else really knows French so I just go to English, my basic language anyway. Oui, il est sur. ( Yes, it is)
2/18/2016 c3 kjsdhfkdsjlfkasdjflk
This wasn't a bad chapter at all! At least I liked it.
2/18/2016 c2 kjsdhfkdsjlfkasdjflk
Another great chapter! I just happened to read the words of Au Revoir at the end of your author's note. So you know French? That's amazing! Je parle le francais aussi!
2/18/2016 c1 kjsdhfkdsjlfkasdjflk
So wonderful! I love how BB is dumfounded that Raven likes his pancakes.
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