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for Late Night Swim: All's Fair in Love and War

5/30/2009 c12 103Missing Linka

and I loved the last lines


God blrss you!

5/22/2006 c12 toddvictor
5/4/2006 c12 1LuSo
I'm confused wasn't that the fourth time? first the good old fashioned sex, then slow love making, then the quickie at the lodge and then the latest one. That was on his boat right? You talk about going on the cabin and switching on the heating :)
5/4/2006 c11 LuSo
It's not boring ata ll i love this story it's incredible writing and i love the entire story, please keep going.
3/3/2006 c12 10Grub5000 SJ Fan
he he thats funney! ;) well writen, characters stayed reasonably true to themselves and i enjoyed the bit with jacks mum.
12/17/2005 c12 Spice9
this is a good story. You should continue it. It's been a while since you've updated. Please update soon.
12/1/2005 c12 4Maguchi
We want more!
10/7/2005 c7 Jocelyn Towers
I have gotten behind on this story. I guess I lost track of it for a while. I love the way you write. I especially loved the title of this chapter. I thought it was funny, you know considering... Aw you know what I mean (I hope anyway).
9/3/2005 c12 Sci Fi Fan Gillian
Good chapter.
9/2/2005 c12 5EquinoxSGC
WOT WOOT! Doing it in Blue Jello! LMOA!

Great work!


8/31/2005 c12 63BookWorm37
With Jack O'Neill, that second goal would be a little difficult to achieve for anyone else but Sam. Great chapter, more soon, please.
8/31/2005 c12 24Soccer-Bitch
great chapter! I liked it. ^_^
8/31/2005 c12 43Aussie73
Loved this chapter and the previous one. Glad to see you're making up for all those weeks without an update. Can't wait for Chapter 13. (Subtle nagging, there!) Sorry; I really shouldn't nag. So ... PLEASE?
8/31/2005 c12 KaylaKML
Good chap!
8/31/2005 c12 2Intergalactic smart-ass
lol i love this story ive read it b4 just never had the time to review

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