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for Crossing Boundaries

12/30/2013 c28 Whispertail
I thought it was great
3/13/2011 c13 KShara Khan
I have never seen anyone write out the whole song, good work!
9/8/2010 c14 Soildier
That was interesting I wouldn't think the zebra would actually agree to take him to the post office.
7/18/2010 c28 7JRB95
Man, that was a REALLY nice fic! Good job :D
3/24/2009 c28 Joe
o_o WOW! 5out of5
3/24/2009 c7 Joe
Sleeping in a den with a hundred hungry lions...I'd take my chances going head to head with king kong!
3/24/2009 c6 Joe
...Well... that went better then I thought it would. [the three guys who just pissed themselves]- EASY FOR YOU TO SAY!]

3/24/2009 c4 Joe
OH BOY! I can see what's already going to happen, I wonder how they'll take it?
3/24/2009 c3 Joe
HAHAHA! It's Indiana Jones all over again!^-^
3/24/2009 c2 Joe
I like where this is heading! good job. also like the friendship between the three strangers,Epic!
5/30/2008 c28 3EverythingFan89
This was a great story. One of the best I have read on , and I have read ALOT of stories. Now, I'm going to read the next one :.)
12/27/2007 c27 BirdyTheUnmighty
Quote: "Burton’s eyes widened as the sword punctured his heart. He slowly turned to captain Rogers, and with his dying breath said, “Et tu, Captain?” then he stepped backwards and fell off the edge to his demise."


BAHAHAHA! Do I smell a quote from Julius Ceasar? ;D

Nice fic, I saw some grammar mistakes here and there...Names were not capitalized at times, but the plot wasn't too shabby. ^^
10/4/2007 c29 Kimmy
WOW! That was a great story! is there going to be a sequal? Please let me know!
10/4/2007 c29 s-s-l
whoa this was nice! very good"! make more tlk fics you are pretty darn good at them..but make em' without humans!
10/2/2007 c28 Serpro15
Great job. And nice job finding those errors. A still great story dude.
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