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1/21/2006 c23 7Stryke Slagar
Serpro: WHAT! Burton won! GROAR!

Me: Serpro shut up! It's just a story.


Me: SERPRO!(Serpro chases Burton trying to fry his butt. Burton throws his sword into Serpro's leg). Now will you listen to me.

Serpro: No.

Me: (sighs, pulls out a freeze ray and freezes Serpro, starts todrag him away).

Sorry about that we'll come back when you add another chapter. Just so you know Serpro loves this story and HATES Burton the Butthead in case you didn't know.
1/20/2006 c23 Kovu 101
Hey there! I just read Your story and I thought this Chapter was Great! Oh no, What will Happen next toto Simba, Nala, Kiara, and Kovu? Will they be Alright? And will the Lions and Lionesses win this Battle, and get Pride Rock, and the Pridelands back? Oh, one more thing, When do you think you will have the next Chapter up? This is getting very Exciting, Can't wait till you Update the next Chapter! Great Job on the Story, Keep it up! Could you send me a message back when you see this answering my Questions or when you get the Chance? Thanks for your time! Perfec 10/10 for the story! As Allways, GREAT STORY AND UPDATE SOON!

-Kiara 01
1/1/2006 c22 8Red Squirrel Writer
Well, it's me again... I just wanted to say this story is coming along well. I do quite wonder how the Pridelanders are going to survive guns and cannon...!

I'm sorry for never getting back to you. I really am. I didn't consider it high priority over my other duties. That was incredibly pompous and arrogant of me, and on top of that, we had computer troubles... I offer my sincere apologies, since that's all I can offer at the moment. If you still think I deserve to help you on your next story idea, just e-mail me about it and we can... try to start all over again. If you'd like. I'd completely understand if you don't.
12/24/2005 c22 7Stryke Slagar
PLEASE TELL ME THAT THAT -BEEP- IS GOING TO GET KILLED! PLEASE OH PLEASE TELL ME HE DIES. I LIKED THE ZULU TRIBE! I already knew it was them but I just hoped not for the sakes of Joshua, Chen, and Denzel I was wrong. What are they going to do the Pridelands don't want them and they're now 'traitors' so they're human outlaws as well oh please finish this story I love it it has a really good plot and good characters (except for Burton I really don't like Burton). Keep up the good work oh and just so you know your story is the first Lion King story on my favorites list.
12/22/2005 c22 4Panty Poison
W00t! Lotsa action! Update soon!
12/5/2005 c21 7Stryke Slagar
Loveing the story please don't stop writing it.

P.S. Are there going to be any magical transformations?
11/27/2005 c21 4Panty Poison
Nice chapter! I love seeing our roleplay on paper, it looks really nice!
11/26/2005 c20 5Anderson jr
Very good story. Keep up the good work.
11/25/2005 c20 4Panty Poison
Nice chappie! I love Vitani, so I can't wait for the next chapter!
11/6/2005 c19 Panty Poison
Aw, they had to leave. I love how you use this on paper, your writing is very good!
10/15/2005 c1 3Ptikobj

Well, that first chapter was okay, and you're a decent writer, too. There were just a few forgotten capitals and spaces between words, but that's fine, unlike Simba Heart, who displays spelling mistakes in every second sentence.

In my opinion, however, the worst thing you can do in Lion King fanfiction is to introduce humans into the story. Meh, that's just my opinion... I'm pretty sure a number of other people here will agree with me, but that's not really the point. The point is, you're a good writer, unlike someone who's PenName begins with "S" and ends with "imba Heart". Ahem.

-Sincerely, Troy Wong
10/14/2005 c18 4Panty Poison
W00t! This is looking so good on paper! Good job!
10/2/2005 c17 Panty Poison
I like it alot! Let's continue soon! LOL
9/30/2005 c17 Kiara 01
BO! Sorry, but I didn't like this one. Maybe next time you should leave out the humans and just keep the lions! Write a story like this except leave out the humans!
7/29/2005 c16 The Emerald Dawn
Very good. But you should make it so that people can review your story without having to log in-that's probably why people are not reviewing. :)
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