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8/27/2005 c5 5Chiisai Mu
And this is one of those fics that i can't help but appreciate. ^_^ The grammar could be better, but that's a minor setback considering the forethought involved. Although i really don't know X/19 too well, the characters' involvement is rather intriguing.

But that's beside the point. What really got my attention was the mention of acknowledgement to Kuwabara's...worth, for lack of a better term. i'll admit that, at one point, i thought Kuwabara was an idiot, but that was only because i thoughtlessly followed the masses in that concept. Though, after buying the Asian version and seeing all the episodes, i really have nothing against him and think he's a very interesting character. i'd put money on the idea that people only think he's an idiot for one of two reasons: one, he doesn't get along with Hiei, or two, public views affected their opinions, as it really shouldn't. (That little tangent's over now...)

i'm curious about what's to come. i wholeheartedly am. You have a very entracing concept going on. Keep it up.
7/21/2005 c5 6Shisoukengo
very interesting story, I'd like know what happens next. I'll bet that the guys mentioned in the last part were Tarukane's men, the same ones that tortured Yukina. I can't wait to see what happens next, so keep it up.

P.S.-thanks for reviewing my story, I have 2 more chapters up now, and would like to know your thoughts on those as well. Peace
5/4/2005 c5 22Katzztar
XD That's fine, as I said it's your story, if you want to portray me with a beak, go ahead. I never corrected you with the first time=, so I can't hold it against.I'm flattered that you put me in there. That and frankly, I'm enjoying this too much! I love the varied characterization you have going. That adds vitality to the story.

Haha, I loved that timing of Youko, saying "get laid!" when Kurama (red) least expected it. Which caused the embarassing scene. XD

The teasing my avatar is giving to Kuwabara is funny too. I liked the 'He's worse' line.
4/3/2005 c4 Locke and Celes
Kazzy gets the spotlight too? Wow! Well, I'm reviewing to show everyone that I have been reading... I'm just stuck on the third chapter of Child of mine and the fifth chapter of Strange Things.

Way to go Magus! I'll be back!
4/3/2005 c4 Katzztar
XD heeh that was a surprise to see myself in there! I feel honored. Although I am anoyed that Sume called me a stupid bird-thing! I'm a WINGED CAT! gr Yes, mom was a bird-demon and dads a cat-demon...but I look more like a cat!

Before anyone emails and asks, no, I do not have a beak yes I have whiskers... this is Magus' story and he can prtray me as he wishes... no bothering him about that! I already gave my okay to that portrayal. It's his story. ;P

Okay silliness aside, on to the real review. Wonderfully done. You do well in blending the strangess of last chapter with the humor of this chapter. I want to know what it was in the newspaper that cought the ladies attentions.

In my overactive mind, it sounds like the city is coming alive!

Yukina is at the Kuwabara's residence first thing in the morning, before GEnkai comes over...

Are you following the manga where she stays at the Kuwabara residence instead of Genkai's temple as she does in the anime?
3/23/2005 c3 Katzztar

now I'm wondering what was in the newspaper that Shizuru was reading...
3/20/2005 c2 2MisawaDaichiFan
I like where this is going. Continue soon.
3/19/2005 c2 SXB The Pyro
Hey dude! It's SXB! You know, the one with the crazy makeover story that you reviewed a hundred times (You rock!).

Anyway, I think this story is going to turn into something BIG. And I think you portrayed the characters' personalities well, but I think Hiei is a bit too afraid of Kurama. However, it is good that you included that little detail between them.
3/17/2005 c2 22Katzztar
As Alice once said "Curiouser and curiouser"

now I'm curious about this Sumeragi.

Also thank you for keeping Hiei and Kurama in charcter. I can see their interactions happening in the manga.And yes, Hiei does show emotions, he's not the stoic unfeeling bastard he's usually portrayed as in Faanfics.-Hiei's a cold bastard that delights in violence XD...but he does show some emotions just not the fuzzy kinds.

In the 'Hellhouse Projects', Kurama took great delight in teasing and baiting Hiei. Kurama purposely riled Hiei's anger.

In the graphic novel #4, ch.33 'The Gate of Betrayal' (maze castle). pg.167 Hiei says= "Fact is, I teamed up with him because that's a lot smarter than going up AGAINST him. Threaten him, and he gets VICIOUS in way even I don't like to think about."
3/16/2005 c1 teardrops2m
Nice start. Cant wait to read more of it. I've always kind of wondered why no one ever thought to train Kuwabara but then again most people think he's just an idiot. Anyways email me when you have more of it posted, if you have the time if not I'll check back later.
3/14/2005 c1 Katzztar
Ahh, you got it posted YAY!

hehe sorry didn't meant o get out of hand, it's just I like the plot and this will be multi-chapter!

All proir responces to my challenge have been one-shots. which are fine, after all, I did say it coulf be one-shot or multi-chapters.

WillGenkai refer someone will will teach Kuwabara more than the usual spirit techiques, that is what Yusuke learned? After all Genkai said with his spirit awareness, he could learn to use charmed objects (magic swords XD) and spells.



Kuwabara- Sory about that rant, I'll make her take a sedative and put her back to typing on her current stories...that should keep her busy...

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