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for The Tin Man's Heart

8/24/2006 c7 5Toran of Raysed
you piece of shit, stopping the story like that.

Naw I'm just kiddin' you do whatever the hell you want even if it takes you years. I'll still be a loser reading fanfic into the wee hours of the morning. Peace out O (hand holding up two fingers.)


P.S. that's my special insignia you're the first to get it, CONGRATS You have won a spot on my favorites list.
7/31/2005 c7 romance rocker
hey i'm so sad u stopped writeing the tin mans heart!clueless is fine okay so killing slade was a little harsh but i still think he is pure evil!i hope u do change ur mind but if u don't i still luv ya!
6/26/2005 c7 3Pickles12
Awesome fic

I loves it
6/26/2005 c7 18MegTao
Nice chapter. This story is getting more mysterious and in -depth than your last story. I like it but I hope you keeps some of the humour as well. Update soon!
6/21/2005 c6 Amethyst Sapling
I know how you feel,but their are new episodes on Toonami,so you'll have new Ideas.And i know it's Jinx,shes the only one that knows his last name.

Update! Take stuff from other episodes and pt them together sorta,but cy and bee style.
6/20/2005 c6 MegTao
I'm still here but I wish you hadn't taken so long to update. It was a good chapter and who is that mystery woman?
6/20/2005 c6 4disappearerSyani
Okay, while they're good, there's a bit too many fluffy moments, and is that lady, no, wait, it's Jinx isn't it?
6/19/2005 c4 3Pickles12
This is actually a review for chapter 6

Dude, Unless they start season 5 YTV is incappable of showing new episodes

Awesome Mas y Menos just wanted to throw things, I'd probably be with them
6/18/2005 c6 Briiiing
huh? the series stopped showing? What do you mean?
6/18/2005 c1 Briiiing
SEQUAL! It's like christmas all over again! You read tamora peirce? Thats awesome!

sincerily, your beloved house cat.
5/28/2005 c6 Pickles12
Waddaya mean it stopped showing

It still comes on every day where I am
5/27/2005 c6 romance rocker
cool thanks for writing but the series is back!did you see the new episode trog[sp?]also thanks for still finishing it i hate quiters!kisses!
5/24/2005 c5 romance rocker
i love this story but please write soon or say your not going to finish it because i really want to read more pleasez!
5/9/2005 c5 18MegTao
don't worry i'm still here. aw I love nightwing and starfire! can't wait for your next update
5/8/2005 c5 romance rocker
i adore your writing!your story clueless is my favorite fanfic! i was so happy you're writing a sequel!yey! please write more fast!oh yeh i'm happy your finally pairing up cy but please write more nw/star it's my fav!thanks!
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