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11/11/2007 c1 4Nelicquele
First. ..I hate you for that ending.

Second. ..I want Lei. T_T

Third. ..Update the next story. T_T
6/10/2007 c44 5IKEMEN
HOLINESS! Damn interesting story, you got me hooked - no, GLUED! So this is Arc One huh? Interesting! Do you have the Arc Two already? Wanna read it wanna read it wanna read it! XD
8/5/2006 c44 janelle
i just love your fic! ^_^ please post more... nabibitin kasi ako...hehe keep up the good work. hope to see your story with images naman sometime..hehe
2/2/2006 c44 5Cloner4000
Well? Who is it? Update plz...
1/21/2006 c44 Elerie
AIYA! Cliff hanger! D: You story really entertain me. ^_^ But I got a bit confused at some parts though. Please update soon! I'm dying of curiosity! x_x
11/1/2005 c44 2Kyson Senarith
I'm glad you finally updated. This fic, even after all this time, is still an enjoyable read.

Update when you can! ^_^
10/30/2005 c36 6Zeek72
I like the fic but it's abit confusing since there's no markers for a scene change and some parts are cut off.
10/29/2005 c44 the nobody
WTF? I know you did a huge update but te ending! it's so... ah well if there's a second part or something plz update very very soon @_@ looking forward to lei's arnswer heheheh
10/29/2005 c44 61Link015
Yes, you updated! And a ton of updates too! Were you just holding them back to unleash them all on us at once? If so...It's still sweet!

And I like the new twists and turns in the story! Really suprised me! And I wonder if the two thieves from Morroc will appear again.

Um...There's just some problems. Like some of your scene changes are hard to see and are kind of abrupt, since there is no break and you suddenly change to another character. And there was one time in the last chapter where you had Ai for a while and then suddenly changed to Rae once.

Other than that, it's great! I hope you update soon!
7/30/2005 c31 2Kyson Senarith
Just curious, but are you ever going to update again? This was a very nice story to keep tabs on. I really enjoy it, hehe.
6/26/2005 c31 shadow
hey,great story!hope to read more about it!
5/24/2005 c30 4Remir'wrath
Why havent u updated! Tell me WHY! WHY!
5/20/2005 c31 4SniperSamurai
What? I.. Imm impressesed, I just saw all the reviews i saw 53 pieces! damn your good sometime I wan't to be like you i'll do my best in my new fic thanks for the inspiration :-)
5/12/2005 c31 kiarakanzaki
Don't mention it. I really like your story so keep updating! I'll be waiting.
5/11/2005 c31 1sapphire-Lady-of-the-Night
your updates are not slow at all! I thought they were inside the elevator? How come they came out of the geffen tower and azami's carriage was already there? Maybe i just didn't understand it. Details my friend, add details okies? Ja!
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