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3/7/2007 c3 Narratio
I like JLA analogs, they're always fun, but this one is not flowing. Your writing style is jumpy, the conversation is stilted. You need to loosen up with this. Power levels in your team also don't feel right compared to what the UN would be looking for. (Plus the "must have members of all countries/ethnic and cultural diversity from the 4 corners of the earth" political pressure)

Skrulls haven't been looked on with favour by earth. Using an alien to fight against humans smacks a little too close to hiring foriegn mercenaries. And many countries (Most of Africa for a start) get uptight about that. But I'll stick along for ride if you keep writing.
7/8/2005 c2 8Danrilor
Good job on continuing the story! I was surprised at the line up that Hyperion came up with, but it was a pleasent surprise. It seemed almost like a practical joke that Spider=man thumbed Hyperion in the Prowler's direction, but at least it wasn't :gasp: Rocket Racer. I am awaiting the next chapter with baited breath.
3/27/2005 c1 Danrilor
This was a good start to a story, and I am impatient to see where it goes. The Squadron Supreme and the Avengers are among my favorite charicters. That is why I used the SS as the villains in my Captain America story. Putting together the Squadron Sinister as heroes will be very interesting. Nighthawk is a hero, but the rest of them are pond scum. It looks like Hyperion cleaned up real good though. Here's to waiting for your next update :)

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