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3/26/2007 c13 7Vetis The Wicked
glad to see it up again.

I must say this, because i never got a chance to the last several times this story has been up. i came across this story sometime i think three or four years ago. I printed out the whole thing. it took up over 500 pages easily even tho i amde the font smaller. I still have a hard copy of it with your original comments and all in my room. its one of my most prized possesions. Ive read this stpry so many times i could probably recite it from memory (actually i did recite it from memory once for some friends) I have passd it along to many friends and family (Id hope u dont care considering u put it here on This story changed my entire outlook the first time i read it. nothing has been as influential to how i think about life and love more then your story. I'm a writer myself, and my fondest dream was to be as skilled as you. I just had to thank you for all you story has done to change me. I think you should revise it with original names and remove the dbz refrences to have it published. I actually for my own amusement did just that to my copy. I dont mean to insult your work of coarse, I couldnt live up to your brilliance. Im sure you hear how brilliant you are alot, so i'll stop gushing. I just wanted you to know how much your story has meant to me.
9/22/2006 c13 13Bex-chan
So glad this is back up and running! much love! Hope i get to read the whole thing this time! x
9/9/2006 c13 keleos
Oh wow! This is truly an amazing story! I love the plot, and the way you bring the characters to life: their feelings and thoughts are very well described. I love how you write about Bulma and Vegeta are affecting each other: it's as if the readers were partecipating to the story some way. Also, I'm really dying to know what Bulma will do next! Ah, the power of a sexy dress...

Again I want to let you know how your hard work and skills are extremely appreciated.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter!


4/10/2006 c13 impulsiveglitch
I like diz story! y did they tek it off da site? wotz rong wiv it? :S n/w. keep it up. :D
3/26/2006 c13 TranquilSparrow
Yay! Its so good to see you back again. I almost, acually, I did cry when they took this story off the site. They're so evil! But, anyways, I love this story, its definetly one of the best. I can't wait to read the rest of it!^-^
3/22/2006 c13 5Retiredwriter1809
Ok, so I read about four chapters of this on AFF and couldn't wait to read more...but I'm sure you've noticed the complications on that site, so I haven't been able to upload or read anything! So, pleasantly, I came across the fact that you're back on Oh, the excitement.

This Even in the AU with Bulma as an angel and Vegeta as a demon they are still Bulma and Vegeta. Their characteristics are amazing. The story line is amazing and I'm anxious to see what happens. Quite impressed with the imaginative ideas in this story and details that are written with it. There is so much leading up to Bulma and Vegeta's love and the meeting with her father. O! I'm quite excited and I hope to read more of your stories on this site. Lets hope they won't get deleted...again. :) Great stuff!
3/16/2006 c13 1Piggy-Pink-0
reading this story again is a great experience. thanks for posting it again.
3/15/2006 c1 Meerlorre
I have read this story a thousand times before and it always got deleted, but even after re-reading the first ten chapters for tne 10th time, I still love it! Keep up the amazing work!
3/12/2006 c8 9Pinkheartsclub
sniffle i read the story when it was posted up before it was like my favirote bulma and vegeta story hurry and post it please?
3/10/2006 c13 Pinkheartsclub
you have got to update you have to please please
3/10/2006 c13 Sexual Deviant

*does victory dance*

You updated!

YES! There is still hope left for the Bulma/Vegeta world...

I tried (honestly) to read a story with the pairing...But ever since I read this...Its all been complete crap.
3/10/2006 c1 Sara
You know what, yesterday I was just thinking 'Damn I want to read Dark Angel again. Maybe I can convince her to give me it.' Haha so this of course ahs brightened my day :D. You know you're magnificent so I'm going to bother. Though I hope aff will correct itself soon. Love you lots and my favorite chapter is up next. Mwhahaha the party and sensual dance. So I hope you post again soon and THIS TIME I'm printing it out just in case it's deleted. *huggles story* MINE! ok later, I'll probably im you after this haha.

3/10/2006 c2 5pitkat
"I officially do not own Dragon Ball Z or any of the characters in it.. If I did.. I’d have made Chi chi a quiet blonde, Gohan with some balls, and Bulma would never have cut her hair.. I mean come on! If I had pretty blue hair.. I’d grow that shit out!"

I had to comment just on the disclaimer. That is great! :)
3/10/2006 c13 muhs
3/9/2006 c13 4Hollaaaaa

Its me again... so glad to see you're posting this story again! Its my favorite, as you know.

**Just wondering outta curiousity, are you planning on conitnuing it?**
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