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3/9/2006 c13 Damien Arc
Welcome back! I first fell in love with this story back when wasn't on this censorin bs. Dark Angel was the ONLY reason that I visited this site at the time... When they deleted it from this site, it took me half a year to decide to come back. Thank you for reposting this story! Please update soon!
3/9/2006 c13 Bulma
Aw those jerks make you repost! What jerks! I hate people who do that! Well anyway, I love your stories! They are the best! Don't let the bastards called Fanfiction prevent you from writing and Don't let the cowards who made you repost this stop you either! You are an alsome, inspirational writer! Keep it up and please update soon!

3/3/2006 c12 muhs
2/22/2006 c12 Tina
1/8/2006 c11 Sexual Deviant
You know what I was thinking about today when I saw your name on my favorites list today...That you remind me of Eminem. Personality wise that he comes back giving more shit then he did before. In the beginning when he was just trying to make it big...Or something...I love my random ass mind. Anyways I LOVE YOU. COME BACK, and if you ever considering publishing a book...In like real life tell your fellow fans like me because I would so buy it.
12/5/2005 c12 marcie
hi there! i really liked ur story. i think i read it the first time around...i fell in love with it. i love how ur imagination works. i really got into it and i think i got to chapter 29. i was in suspense because my comp went on the fritz and i was without a computer for 6 months. when i got it fixed i looked for your story and only saw 12 chapters and u havent updated since april. lol now im kinda bummed that i wont be able to read ur whole story cuz i thought it would be finished by now. well i just wanted to stop by and tell u that ur story is and will always be wicked awesome! update when u can! bye!
11/24/2005 c12 Tina
wow what will happen in next chapter! wow UPDATE SOON!
10/30/2005 c12 D.Angel
i love your story! it's an amazing portrayal of light and dark. i cann't wait to continue reading, please continue writing!
10/28/2005 c1 Camaro
For everyone's information that is viewing this story, ffnet has placed a block so that I am no longer allowed to update. I apologize for leaving any hanging but I appreciate the support and kindness shown.

If you would however like to read Dark Angel, please feel free to email me or contact me via AIM.

10/27/2005 c12 Veggi-chan
Please don't tell me you're just leaving it like this? I love this fic and am SO chuffed to have found it again! Please carry it on-its too amazing just to finish it here!
10/26/2005 c12 5Anotheryaoifreak
WHERES THE REST! Huh! YOu still have ..umm 77 chappies to go...

And still last update was 6 months, 3 weeks and 1 day ago... -nods- yup You are posting it again, you just stopped... not very funny for us fans that wanna read it again :p

10/25/2005 c1 Anotheryaoifreak

My heart stopped! I was looking around a site with Midi's of anime songs.. and I fell on all these old song I listened to.. adn one inparticular that I had on repeat when I read the 89 Chapters of Dark Angel.. That's when I told myself, "Omg, I gave up looking for it" -And I had copied the first 20 chappies on my pc, to read them whenever.. and lost them.. but now.. Your posting it!-

I clicked on Search with no hope of finding it, again. And I read Camaro.Back.Again. ... My heart stopped, I was like, No that ain't the author is it, but the name... and I clicked ont he story... OMG! I love you so much, I am going to upload every chappy with your name writen on it! And the link everything not to lose it once more!

Your story scared me and I never wanna forget it.. even now... like.. how long.. 3 or 4 years later that story ish still in my mind, and the song that will always remind me of it also...

If you really wanna know.. the song is Ayeka's theme, from Tenshi Muyo.. sounds odd, but I feel your story when I hear it..

Omg, I don't know why I am typing all this Instead of reading right now, But I had to tell you that you are the best author ever and that your story has marked someones life..

Okay, I'll stop crying and start reading now -smiles-

Ana, The Ex-MCLover now Tohru

And a devoted to your story..

PS.. I used to be Penamed Kendy Son, back then...
9/27/2005 c12 Dezi
I read this story forever ago and it just keeps popping up every now and again XD I think, I just wanted to take a moment and congrat you on having such awesome skill with characterization. After working on one of my longer fics, I've realized just how hard it is to make everyone so unique. Will you ever publish something?
9/19/2005 c12 27Terra Fire
Wonderful. This is a wonderful story, from when you first posted it, and I just thought that I'd say that again. I would also like to say that Monster, is also a great story, alond of corse with every thing else of yours I've read.


9/18/2005 c12 Laura Osegueda
^^ *squeal of happiness* I'm so glad that you are reposting this story! It's just as exciting as when I read it the first time! Love you!

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