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9/16/2005 c2 SASHAE
u r wonderful! ur the only reason i actually go here for! tell her she's graet angelvegetababy! WE LOVE YOU! DAMN YOU U U U U U U U, U YOU U U!
9/16/2005 c12 sashae
please! re-post everything! i need to know what happened after bulma's father dies
9/3/2005 c12 9Pinkheartsclub
damn you upadate pweeze
8/18/2005 c12 Angel
It's one of the best I've gotten to read in a long time Please work on it some more I want to see what happens and yeah I'm like you I'm not in it for all that sex shit I want to read a good sorry too. And your's is a good story please work it soon.
7/31/2005 c11 AngelVegetababy
i love this story and i love you!...out of all the fanfics here THIS is my favorite of all time, you even made me respect Bulma...**a great accomplishment** when you left the first time me and my best friend Sashae cried and kicked up hell i love your story keep up the good work...dang what an understatement...
7/22/2005 c1 1A. Jennings
It's a damn shame you don't get more support, I read this story..maybe a year ago...there isn't much I can say except your gift as a writter.

You'll always have my support babe.
7/2/2005 c2 13Bex-chan
Hey Camaro,

For some reason I'm in an amazing mood and i realised just how much i appreciated you as an author! I realsed that because of stupid restrictions you have actually lost quite alot of reviews because of the many times you have had to update.(let me rephrase that...have chosen to update because you're such a dedicated writer)

I know for a writer such as yourself that the writing is what makes you content as people who couldn't give a shit just simply shouldn't be allowed to write. But a review always cheers everyone up now and then! so I though this might cheer you up a little! I know you're probably not upset or anything but hey! Lol!

I understand that I am not or will never be your favourite reviewer or best freind or anything like that, but you should just know that you have my full support in the completion of DARK ANGEL, as I am sure many other people are.

All the best for the furture! Love and Luck! May your talent continue!

6/23/2005 c12 Bex-chan
You got deleted again? Jesus christ! You seriously need to tell em to fuck off! Glad you're determined like this though! What would we do without you? Update soon!

5/13/2005 c12 5bunny girl1

You kno, why don't you just dump this place and get published for real? You totally could. I KNOW YOU COULD! And email me and let me know how that goes...I'm dead serious, here. You are too good for fanfiction. Though your fanfiction is mindblowing enough.

Anyways...first story that ever made me cry buckets at the end...opened up the whole goth genre for me...I've reviewed you at least twenty times in the past under various names, on various websites, various again, I say...masterpiece. Words cannot describe. In fact, if you changed the names, tweaked a few things here and there...THIS could be your debut novel. And that would be absolutely beautiful.
5/11/2005 c12 2goddess underworld
i love the story so far. keep it up!
4/30/2005 c12 Sexual Deviant
Aww I love you! I knew sooner or later you would come back I just didn't know how long I had to wait for you. I am so happy and I am loving that new name of yours like mcdonalds. Definitely you with the whole haha thing. Man I missed this story. Oh yeah and just to let you know I check your site at least once a week to see if you updated! I am still the ever faithful stalker/reviewer. Haha I am glad to see you again though. Definitely remind me to not be a quitter when you want something.

Love lots and lots darling! By the way have you heard of that new crazed trend myspace? If so I so need to be your friend on there! Write and talk more soon! Miss hearing your sarcasm and advice!
4/22/2005 c2 goddess underworld
kewl chapter
4/11/2005 c1 4insanitarium
God's gift to literature, I says!
4/5/2005 c12 molly
love it, you are an awesome writer. plz update soon. :)
4/5/2005 c1 dorothy
damn, i was followin dis story before...did u repost the rest of it somewhere else?
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