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3/30/2005 c7 darthphantom117
o HAHA! well wasnt that a nice shot right at his pride. and yamcha of all people.well i thought that was an excellent way to finish it off KEEP WRITING
3/30/2005 c6 darthphantom117
awesome! loved the chapter! keep writing
3/30/2005 c10 supra89
Chocolate? Sinful? Ok. Well, excellent work on this chapter. UPdate soon!
3/30/2005 c9 supra89
I love this story. Update soon!
3/30/2005 c8 supra89
I wonder what vegeta is up to. Can't wait update soon!
3/30/2005 c7 supra89
Such a great story. Update soon!1
3/30/2005 c6 supra89
Its getting better with each chapter. I love it. UPdate soon!
3/30/2005 c5 supra89
Excellent work. I love it. Update soon!
3/30/2005 c1 5Cimorene-Kitty
Hi, Camaro. I have not read anything in a long time...way too long. I have been so busy with school and life that I became so engrossed in them that I am pleasantly surprised that you remember me. I am glad to see my absolute favorite story back. Hopefully I'll find enough time to read it all the way through, because I can't just read a part of it. Glad to see you back, Camaro. Keep up the awesome work.
3/30/2005 c10 2LadyWater
I like your story. I just him to love her!
3/29/2005 c4 darthphantom117
DAMN YOU! IT WAS GETTING GOOD AND YOU KILLED IT! if i was bulma i would have sent that mother #$er to hell (you get what i mean). but yah i love this story
3/29/2005 c2 darthphantom117
this is awesome so far but i am wondering, is this King Vegeta or our vegeta who falls in love with bulma (please Email me at )
3/29/2005 c1 darthphantom117
Hey i just felt like i had an obligation to review even the first chappie so yah this sounds good
3/29/2005 c10 13Bex-chan
Just me again. Keep it up you fucking genius! I'm just waiting for the chapter you were on before u got your account deleted..but until then I'll review when I can.

Love and Luck

3/28/2005 c7 jlsaffire
I really loved your story and i was wondering if u have the rest posted somewhere else because i was following this story before it got deleted.
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