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3/25/2005 c7 flamin' angel
This is an amazing story and I'm sorry to hear that it was deleted. I've read up to chapter 12 before and when I got on the internet the next day it was deleted.

I'm glad you're back and that you didn't let keep you away. Keep up the amazing work, this is has got me hooked and I don't want to see it deleted again! I love the whole demon/angel aspect to your story and how you're making that your own. So keep it up and get that next chapter out!

3/25/2005 c7 9Pinkheartsclub
but why ur story is amazing i was hooked and then they deleted it at least u have it back
3/24/2005 c7 13Bex-chan
Oh thank God you're back! I was starting to worry! Wow you really are a star! fanfiction really cab be a bitch sometimes, ne? I think we all know how fantastic your story is by now, as you have had to post it...I think this is the third time!

We know you're story's fantastic, Fanfiction know your story is a little TOO fantastic and you know you're story is fantastic! Otherwise why else would you stick with this story to the extent that you have. You're dedication is truly admirable and it is one of the many things that make you such an amazing and unique writer.

And I'm just fucking glad you're back to be honest. I knew you wouldn't leave us waiting, wondering and worrying for long though! And once again you have not disappointed us.

All my love and luck with the future chapters (i think you were on chapter 28 when it got deleted last.)

3/22/2005 c4 supra89
Your right. After a few chapter. I'm hooked. UPdate soon!
3/22/2005 c3 supra89
The chapters just keep getting better and better. Good work.
3/22/2005 c2 supra89
Dark Vegeta. I like it. Keep up the good work.
3/22/2005 c1 supra89
Sounds good to me.
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